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1st May 2024

Around the web, a few people are saying that April went by super quick. Not for me. Nor dragging either. Just felt like an ordinary month in which I did some extraordinary things, most notably spending time with a great friend from grad-student days first in Rome, then by train to Venice, then by train to Vienna. Glorious.

25th Apr 2024

Not really FOMO, but it would have been nice to have been able to attend the first meeting of Front End Study Hall yesterday. Still, glancing through the notes, especially in light of having recently pressed Publish on a redesign of one of my other sites, made me once again reassess my priorities.

20th Apr 2024

Quite by coincidence, I discovered yesterday that I wrote a post on the same day ten years ago expressing my frustration at being able only to tinker with the technology underlying my website, rather than actually understanding it. Why coincidence? Because I am once again in the throes of tinkering with my website while not fully understanding it. And something I wrote back then is a fine prompt to get on and write my submission to this month's IndieWeb Carnival.

2nd Apr 2024

March was ... March. Changeable, erratic, unpredictable. Good things on the bicycle, taking the train somewhere and cycling to a different train station. Movement among the plants on the terrace. Good fun and some entertaining podcasts made.

19th Mar 2024

A gravel path between vegetable fields recedes into the distance. On the left6 is the red and white radar tower for the airport at Fiumicino. The blue sky is full of silvery clouds.

Last week, in an effort to keep riding my bicycle for fun outside the city, I put myself in the hands of Komoot. The app allows you to plan your own rides and use (and modify) rides that Komoot itself or other members have created and saved. It also offers a kind of online diary in which you can share photos and add comments about them.

29th Feb 2024

Digital relationships? That's the topic for February's Indieweb Carnival, and for a long time -- 28 days, in fact -- I did not think I had much to say on the topic. Sure, I've made a couple of real-life friends from people I originally met online. But no more than that. And then it occurred to me that I have been fretting lately about ignoring my most important digital relationship. I've been thinking, the other party ought to change while knowing, at the same time, that the only one who can change is me.

I'm talking, of course, about this website.

18th Feb 2024

tl;dr The images I lost from my installation of WithKnown are back, thanks to methodical brute force.

28th Jan 2024

Here’s the thing: I honestly can remember only a single bad event during the entire year. It was very bad, and entirely personal, so I’m going to say no more. Even the medical procedures I underwent had happy outcomes, compared to what I was dreading. So, another great year.

26th Jan 2024

Monocle would not allow me to login using WithKnown, saying there was no microsub endpoint. This was because in upgrading Known, I had forgotten that I had added the link to microsub before. I had also forgotten which of the hundreds of template files I had to edit in order to do that. In the end I...

24th Jan 2024

There was a time, a long while back, when I was responsible for a good chunk of land, about 2.5 hectares. I wasn’t the only one who worked that land, but I made most of the decisions and thinking about what we did there fills me with happy memories.

Part of it was working with others to achieve a...

12th Jan 2024

This is Part I of a two-part rant about podcasting. It was triggered by Tim Chambers linking to the summary podcast stats at Listen Notes. This part asks what the fediverse might do for podcasting. Part II will look back in an attempt to understand how we (I) got here.

”There are at least 3,


6th Jan 2024

Small badge that reads “written by human not by AI”

There’s an interesting discussion going on in the IndieWeb chat forums about signalling that your website does not use AI. JamesG, for example, displays a badge on each post (though not on his home page, that reads “written by human not by AI” and that links through to a site that explains why such a badge is a good thing: “make sure humanity continues to advance”.

29th Dec 2023

It's nice of Jim Nielsen to suggest that blogging is like composting, but I'm not sure I fully agree that my current failure-to-ship of a rotten banana is worth writing about, except of course that I am now writing about it, tangentially.

10th Dec 2023

I love the idea of having an algorithm decide where I should go on an outing. The problem with geohashing is that “my” graticule is quite large and almost three-quarters water. Neighbouring graticules are often too far away. So despite my best intentions, I have not actually been on very many expeditions. That is why I was very interested when Christof said he was considering building an alternative version that would work on what I think one might call decigraticules and centigraticules or, more simply, what Christof calls walkable and bikeable. The result is a brilliant website that offers you much more accessible options every day.

Today, I put it to use for the first time.

6th Dec 2023

I was intrigued to see that Remy Sharp had converted his “No More 404” script into a service, and promptly asked if I could use it. Remy obliged, and I just installed it which means, I hope, even fewer broken links on this site.

30th Nov 2023

I have never felt as much a part of a close-knit community as I did in university. On the very first day, three of us (out of five) in what you might I suppose call a dorm discovered an instant friendship. By the cancelled 50th reunion in 2020, one of us was no longer alive to attend. In between, and still now, there was just something very special that started back then.

13th Nov 2023

Two geohashing locations within cycling distance, on Saturday and today. My cup runneth over.

The first was very, very close to home, about 1.5km as the crow flies. It was, alas, in the middle of the Tiber, so I was prevented from reaching the location by Mother Nature. But I'm counting it a wi...

11th Nov 2023

I had a little time yesterday afternoon, so I decided to begin the Step Two promised in the roundup of my exasperating Hack Day a couple of weeks ago, digging my way through the check-in code in WithKnown.

Looking at the code for a single check-in, there seemed to be a mismatch between a script...

3rd Nov 2023

A fine month, not only for some great October weather but also for a long anticipated trip to Germany for the border:none conference and IndieWeb Camp Nürnberg.

31st Oct 2023

IndieWeb Camp and border:none in Nürnberg were wonderful. I had a great time seeing old friends, making new ones and just giving myself over to the whole thing. Well worthwhile, including even the two twelve-hour train journeys that took me there and back. No complaints.

But. Because there has to be a but.

31st Oct 2023

IndieWeb Camp and border:none in Nürnberg were wonderful. I had a great time seeing old friends, making new ones and just giving myself over to the whole thing. Well worthwhile, including even the two twelve-hour train journeys that took me there and back. No complaints.

But. Because there has to be a but.

28th Oct 2023

We had a session at IndieWebCamp Nürnberg on linkrot in its many guises. As time goes by, URLs you link to and things that link to your URLs almost inevitably break in different ways. Perhaps a whole domain vanishes or becomes a sleaze-hub. Perhaps someone changes the structure of their website, b...

25th Oct 2023

It is 6:45 and I am on a high-speed train pulling out of Roma Termini. We have just passed the strange tall chimney with its spiral staircase wrapping around outside, though I can barely see it. The train’s final destination is Bolzano but if all goes well I will transfer in Verona and then again in Munich and I will end up in Nürnberg at about 19:00.

This, for me, is self care, though I don’t call it that. I call it having fun.

4th Oct 2023

Delayed by a day because I judged a blog carnival round-up to be of a higher priority. And to be honest, there isn't that much to report, but here goes anyway.

3rd Oct 2023

Deciding to host a blog carnival was the easy part. Actually doing the work took me right back to those wonderful merry-go-round rides of yesteryear, complete with steam driven organ, as opposed to all the shiny themed rides of the modern amusement park. But enough reminiscence. To work!

26th Sep 2023

The sky is clear celeste, unmarked by clouds. The wind is fresh, but not overly so. The temperature is a delicious 23°C. In other words, a perfect early autumn day. Yesterday was the same, maybe a touch windier, just the job for a very long bike ride.

16th Sep 2023

As the month turns, it seems like a good idea to drum up a little support for the IndieWeb Carnival, which I am hosting this month. The idea is simplicity itself.

  • You write something on your own website that somehow addresses this month’s topic: “My Kind of Weather”.
  • You let me know that...

15th Sep 2023

Had a wonderful bike ride this morning, effectively the same route as three weeks ago, and this time on the new old bike.

29th Aug 2023

Time to bite the bullet I launched at myself a long time ago, and specify a topic for September's Indieweb Carnival: My Kind of Weather.

A bright rainbow over apartment blocks with umbrella pine trees in the background

19th Aug 2023

I no longer have a garden. I used to have one, in spades. Almost two hectares of old apple orchard, a large polytunnel, raised beds for veggies, flowers galore, a pond big enough to dip into after a hard day’s work. All gone, for reasons that needn’t detain us now, and that I try hard not to think a...

27th Jul 2023

A lot of people derive great benefit from recording, usually daily, the things that bring them joy or for which they are grateful. That isn’t something I do — at least not publicly — although I will sometimes jot down something along those lines as a reminder to future me. That may be because I am e...

12th Jul 2023

The launch of a new blog carnival was so exciting that I wrote my own summary, even though I was not the host. That job was very ably performed by Sara Jakša, who launched the carnival. The point of my roundup was to visit each of the sites and, by way of encouragement, send a webmention to each...

5th Jul 2023

It’s alive! The Carnival of IndieWeb, that is, with the first monthly roundup from Sara Jakša, who started this ball rolling. I looked at them all, because that’s a key point of blog carnivals, to discover things you might not otherwise have found.

29th Jun 2023

We are looking after a friend’s place in the country and perhaps the hardest work is keeping on top of the vegetable garden. Ignore it for a day, and there are five large cucumbers, mocking you. My cucumber repertoire is somewhat limited; raita, quick pickle, sandwiches and, when I remember, Yan-Kit...

28th Mar 2023

Barely a day goes by now that my podcasting email doesn’t receive two or three not very enticing emails. One today offered “Lucrative Ventures”. Another wants to convert YouTube content into podcasts in a “network of health and wellness programs”. The third tells me, to paraphrase, that my restaurant menu sucks, which is odd as I don’t have a restaurant.

28th Jan 2023

RSS is not dead, never has been, but in recognition of renewed interest, I decided to have a go at cleaning up my feeds. Not getting rid of them, because there is absolutely no cost to keeping a feed hanging around just in case it miraculously springs back to life. But tidying up.

6th Dec 2022

As reported earlier, I seem to have found the motivation to pick up the pieces on a project that I’ve dropped a fair few times over the past 10 years or so. And as promised, I am going to ape Phil Gyford and refer to it as $project until it is ready.

The Story So Far … back in 2008, I got a litt...

8th Nov 2022

I’ve been watching, with some amusement, the goings on at Twitter and wondering what, if anything, I should do. I’m skeptical that the whole thing is going to implode, although I am not nearly as sanguine that it will not become even worse than it currently is. To an extent, I cannot avoid the mayhem, because a social channel that I like and enjoy has an automatic import of any tweet that contains the word “IndieWeb,” as a result of which one of the rooms is swamped with people whispering into the void that people can follow them on Mastodon at [email protected]. I skim past them at a rate of knots, just in case there is something of actual interest that I don’t want to miss.

9th Aug 2022

It’s a little like the old time warp, having said which I confess I never really bothered to get my head around those puzzles about meeting yourself in another time. Anyway, a little more than a year ago, and inspired by Peter Rukavina, I set out to restore my previous online self, one day at a time. That anniversary passed on 18 July, but I couldn’t easily celebrate it with a blog post because in a sense it hasn’t passed yet.

13th Jun 2022

Robin Sloan is always good to read (although I have not, yet, had enough downtime to read Sourdough). His proposal for Spring ’83 is no exception and I decided to give it the “close consideration” he asked for. I’m not sure I have any “generous imagination” to offer.

30th Apr 2022

There is an IndieWebCamp going on in Dusseldorf, and during a session on the presentation of photos I thought about sharing my own efforts in that department. Then I discovered, to my horror, that search was completely broken on the website, in production and locally, where I tinker with things. Obv...

14th Mar 2022

How strange to discover two milestones written about on the same day, several years apart. First there was the post in which I “discovered” podcasts. Eleven years later I was mourning the passing of ADN and extending one of the IndieWeb metaphors — eat what you cook1 — with a little biological...

6th Jan 2022

Twelve years ago today, I hosted an issue of Mendel’s Garden blog carnival here. Looking at it again today prompted some reflections.

29th Dec 2021

Still pursuing the idea of sharing from NewsBlur to other places, especially Known and, I went digging around in the code. All of the options are in a section of NewsBlur-master/media/js/newsblur/reader/reader.js starting at line 2560.

24th Dec 2021

Rusty bits of pipework lying on the ground

Not that any of them will read it but what, I wonder, would young people make of my post from exactly ten years ago? Yahoo Pipes? RSS? Curating content in order to share it from my own site? Clearly the hallucinations of an old fart’s brain.

And yet, it brought back memories of real achievemen...

13th Nov 2021

My former self just reminded me that it is 10 years since Google dumped Reader, “likely,” as I surmised then, “to send us all scurrying to Google Plus”. Which, of course, it dumped a few years later.

19th Oct 2021

At last, I am once again extracting summary details and artwork for the podcast episodes I have listened to, and I am doing it with Python rather than PHP.

4th Oct 2021

Struggling still to understand geographical information and learn how to do things with it, I had high hopes for this tutorial, even though it dates from 2017. Reading through it a couple of times, before trying to do anything, it seemed to contain the sort of information I wanted to be able to use. So I carved out a few hours and started to work through it. There were plenty of errors to begin with of a sort I have become familiar with, that various bits and pieces could not be found. One proved absolutely insoluble, and I reasoned that perhaps I was using too modern a version of Python. So I went back to square one and installed Python 3.6.

7th Sep 2021

I bagged another geohash yesterday. All it took was rescheduling and redirecting my normal walk, because the target location was just over 5 km from my home. How often does that happen? I wrote it up on the wiki, to the best of my ability, but adhering to IndieWeb principles I’m hosting my own suitably edited version here.

20th Aug 2021

In my as yet completely unsuccessful attempt to revive an internet meme, I was somewhat sketchy on the idea of planets, mostly because they were not something I ever used. I suggested that they were automatic accretions, without detailed curation. I was wrong, as Fluffy pointed out when a group of...

17th Aug 2021

As I continue reading previous blog posts written on this day, I’ve been struck by a couple of things. One is how often there didn’t seem to be anything worthwhile writing about, and how even writing about that seemed worthwhile. There was a phase when lots of bloggers were looking at their logs and writing about the strange searches that brought readers to them, probably only to be disappointed. Linked to that, there were blog carnivals and blog memes.1

25th Jul 2021

Having decided to take a daily approach to filling in the missing posts on this incarnation of my website, I started to think about displaying what I had written on this day in years past. There are all sorts of reasons to do this, many captured by the IndieWeb wiki page on the topic.1 For me, it is partly simply to remind myself of things past. Undoubtedly there will be some negative things in there, but they’re mine, and I own them.

18th Jul 2021

The machinery that publishes this website has been through several changes, and at each stage I have done my best to convert old items into a format that the new machine can deal with. It is slow going, though, and hard to keep motivated. After a burst of energy starting at the beginning and moving...

31st Dec 2020

Blimey, what a great end-of-year gift I have received. Professor Von Explaino heard my sad cry for help and gave me almost exactly what I was hoping for in his post Chartist.js data from table.

18th Nov 2020

I don’t really need to write much here; just enough to make sure that there is something to receive when I go out and try to logon from outside.

And bang, there it is. I couldn’t be happier. Not least because I feel I have dodged several bullets.

1st Aug 2020

Not a huge amount to report this month, mostly because we were on holiday for a little more than two weeks, and a glorious holiday it was too. We are very fortunate not to be in either of our home countries, so were able to enjoy travelling, for one thing, and great places to travel to, for another. And I promised myself I wouldn’t bang on about the tragic landscape of dead olive trees in Puglia, so I won’t.

29th Jul 2020

Six days ago, I learned about Bibliogram. It offers a neat and fast view of public Instagram profiles, and some instances also offer a RSS feed. That set me thinking. Could it be a way to automatically post photos from InstaGram to my stream?

I’m here to tell you: it could.

16th May 2020

It’s so nice when things just happen to come together and move me forward. A teeny thing, but mine, and I hope worth sharing.

A week back I wrote about tending my zettelkasten garden, and trying to become more of a curator and less of a hoarder. Two days later someone mentioned, which I had a quick look at. That same day, a cyberchum posted something “from this morning’s Readwise email”. So I was well primed.

9th May 2020

People have written some interesting things following on from the pop-up IndieWebCamp that Chris Aldrich organised a couple of weeks ago. The Garden and the Stream set out to compare and contrast wikis and weblogs and how the two might be used. It was a terrific success, and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to be there. The topic interests me and is something I’ve thought about on and off for a long time. This morning, I treated myself to thinking about it some more.

15th Mar 2020

It has been three weeks now since I first ran Bise on my logfiles to see who and what had been popping in here to take a look. It’s a bit of a faff, for a whole variety of reasons, which start with my host keeping only a couple of days worth of logs. That means I have to download the logs daily. And my host’s naming convention is different from the one Bise expects. Rather than play with Bise, it is easier to rename the files. And then there's a whole lot of to-ing and fro-ing.

7th Mar 2020

Very strange, but for two days straight my log files have not shown anyone coming here for a post that couldn't be found. Is this a sign of success, or of increasing irrelevance?

Anyway, I did eventually find something that couldn't be found, and brought it in. And it triggered all sorts of nost...

23rd Feb 2020

It is 160 days since I first noted that I would like to make use of Bise, Jason McIntosh's blog-readership reporter, 118 since I automated downloading the access logs. With half an eye on the project day at IndieWebCamp Austin, time to make good on my promise.

Bise expects its log files to be named a certain way, which is not the way mine were named, but that proved relatively easy to overcome with the wonderfully powerful A Better Finder Rename. The latest version has filters that make it possible to rename 1-9 and 10-... , which require slightly different handling, in the same batch, and that makes life super easy.

18th Jan 2020

One of the reasons I love RSS (and other) feeds is that they effortlessly alert me when someone I follow posts something. So it was this morning, when James Morley published Collecting and displaying contextual tweets for cultural heritage records. I've known James a long time, and admired his approach to gathering and visualising data, and this was his first post in almost two years.

It's about automatically harvesting Tweets using a tool called TAGS – Twitter Archiving Google Sheet, and he shows in detail how useful it can be. I might even find a use for it myself. But here's the thing. James recognises some "potential issues," among them this:

17th Jan 2020

Chris Aldrich has a long and throught-provoking piece asking How to follow the complete output of journalists and other writers?. It drew an interesting comment from Alexandra Samuel, putting the case that publishers who have paid for a piece have no interest in an author building her own audience...

13th Jan 2020

I really wanted to post this 3 days ago, on January 10th. That would have been one year since I started recording the amount of spam I was getting over on my micro-site. I first noticed the problem in November 2018, and in January 2019 started keeping track.

This graph shows all the data from...

11th Dec 2019

A very, very small fix today.1

  1. The formatting of footnotes had been driving me nuts, but not nuts enough to do anything about it. Until today. The marker is now where it ought to be, and the font size a smidgen smaller. 

10th Dec 2019

I've wanted for ages to be able to do visual representations of some of the data I collect, and as I had a bit more time than usual yesterday I finally made the effort to understand chartist.js and put it to work.

9th Dec 2019

Updated one of the more useful Grav plugins, TwigFeeds. This had been rewritten to take advantage of a better feed-reading service, and so I needed to change one or two things to make it work properly. The excellent instructions made that extremely easy, which is nice.

8th Dec 2019

Eventually, perhaps, I'll learn to think things through properly, but for now it seem that trial and error just leads me to more errors and more trials. My improved logic for detecting whether a post was a Review or a Listen failed to detect that it was neither of those things. As a result, those...

7th Dec 2019

For ages, I have wanted the navigation menu at the top of the page to remain visible even after you have scrolled down past the bottom of the screen, which pushes the menu up off the top of the screen. In principle, that's supposed to be much easier now that you can use CSS to position an element as <sticky>. But it proved trickier than I expected

6th Dec 2019

If one is sufficiently slapdash, fixing something on this site each day is more than doable. A couple of days ago I did some work to tidy up the display of Reviews. Deeply fancy logic (not) to check the name of an image file seemed to do what I wanted. I had forgotten, however, that while the name I gave the image file was constant, it respected the file format of the original image file. My logic was testing for only one file format.

5th Dec 2019

A brief flurry of webmentions to a recent post reminded me that I needed to look again at how those things are presented. In building the new theme, I had discovered the <detail> and <summary> elements and used them to hide interactions as the default. I hope most people know that clicking on the triangle will expose something hidden. Ideally I would like to offer different visual presentation depending on whether either webmentions or comments exist. That is not going to happen for a while.

4th Dec 2019

I very much enjoyed reading What Happened to Tagging, by Alexandra Samuel, so thanks to Aaron Davis for the link .

I do think, however, that she is being entirely too negative about the state of play today. Aaron singled out one wistful quote, about the web we could have. I noted that the aut...

4th Dec 2019

Not much to see today, unless you go spelunking into old posts. If you do, however, you will notice that some of the older Reviews now are not quite as messy as they were.

3rd Dec 2019

One of the worthwhile things about a commitment like this is that fixing even the smallest thing becomes worthwhile. Today, it was an oddity I noticed in the JSON feed for the site. I noticed it because it seemed that had not picked up the two most recent posts. In fact it had, but it had given them a timestamp of midnight on the day in question. And I had also switched from the RSS feed, which was throwing errors, to the JSON feed, which wasn't.

2nd Dec 2019

Over the past few months I have developed a new theme for the presentation of this site. A combination of plagiarism and invention, it almost certainly would not suit anyone else who wants an IndieWeb theme for the Grav CMS, expect possibly as a model to plagiarise and improve.1 I have a long list of things I need to improve myself, the first of which is to straighten up the display of Reviews.

2nd Dec 2019

People who align with IndieWeb ideas have a brief history of undertaking a challenge during the month of December. The idea “is to collectively ship something IndieWeb-related that benefits the community, people in addition to yourself”. I sort of know that nothing I might do would benefit the community or people, but I didn't quite understand that there were other ways I could take part in the more general idea of a challenge.

6th Nov 2019

Got a lot more done than I expected, considering how late I was with last month's report. That is, as long as I focus on what I completed, rather than what I didn't. Which is exactly as it should be.

29th Oct 2019

A little while ago (on 19 October, to be precise) someone mentioned, an open source commenting system for websites. It looked interesting, so I tried to leave a comment on the post that mentioned it. Despite a few problems with login, I managed it, and asked whether Commento could play nicely with webmentions. No reply there, but I also took the matter up with support at Commento.

Today I got a reply. It didn't really address the login point, but did speak to Webmentions:

26th Oct 2019

"More tomorrow," I said in part 1 and, as usual, life got in the way.

22nd Oct 2019

If you notice that this site looks a little different, that's because I'm just back from a terrific IndieWebCamp in Brighton this past weekend, and I had set myself the goal of setting this theme free on the hack day. Success, although there are still lots and lots of things to do, mostly quite minor, that I am adding to my snagging list. Like, I just discovered that I neglected to offer a search option on the home page. I should probably fix that, though the challenge may be more than minor.

16th Oct 2019

As I work on my new theme for this site, I noticed again that the old theme's way of dealing with the webmentions I send is not 100 per cent functional. Specifically, quite a few sites seem not to like the h-card here, which is present on every post as a <div> that contains pure <data> elements.

12th Oct 2019

The balance I try to maintain, between doing things and writing about doing things, has swung too far in the doing direction. Sure, there are good reasons, like wanting to get the new theme for this site up and running before Friday, but I've got so many little notes scribbled that really wouldn't take much more than half an hour if I put my mind to it in the moment. Onward

26th Sep 2019

Most of my "free" time for the past six weeks or so has been devoted to how this site works, on screen and behind the scenes, rather than what it contains. I've enjoyed it a lot, but now that I am almost ready to roll out the new look, which will be very like the old look, I have an odd problem. What don't I need?

man having his beard trimmed

28th Aug 2019

Three weeks on, I'm still too stuck in reverse engineering mode to have made much progress coming up with a new theme for Grav.

7th Aug 2019

For quite a while now I have been wrestling with the new default theme for Grav, which runs this site, in order to benefit from all the wonderful possibilities going forward. Unfortunately, I am belatedly coming to the realisation that reverse engineering a theme is just more trouble than it is worth, at least for me. In trying to be all things for all people, a lot of themes are just very, very complicated. I don't need all the possibilities on offer. I just need the kind of layout I like, which would essentially mirror the layout you see right now, especially if you are not looking at it on a phone.

4th Aug 2019

Not at all unhappy that this report covers two months. June and July we enjoyed a lot of travelling, some of it the very time when I might have been writing a monthly report, so. Travels to Ischia, Wales and Puglia, each of them wonderful in its own way.

One definite discovery, which I sort of knew but hadn't really thought much about. When I'm away on holiday, I sometimes have to do a bit of work. If I set aside a couple of quiet hours early in the morning, I can get as much done then as I can in almost a day at home. Knowing that in a couple of hours I will have to be ready to go to the beach, or sightseeing, or shopping for that day's dinner, prevents me from prevaricating like nothing else.

26th Jul 2019

Quite apart from the fact that I have barely written a thing here for almost a month, I thought it would be worthwhile to pick a low-hanging fruit. So I followed the very simple instructions at Automate your outgoing webmentions and now my hope is that I have removed one more piece of grit from wh...

21st Jun 2019

Episode summary: A live interview on in Portland where I talked about the IndieWeb

6th Jun 2019

I began this monthly report on the first of the month, full of good intentions and excuses. That it took another five days is proof the excuses are real.

"Excuse" always seems to carry such a freight of negativity. They're not reasons for failing to accomplish what you set out to do. They just excuse you, and that's just beating yourself up. Myself. So, no more excuses. Reasons!


21st May 2019

Another absolutely brilliant IndieWebCamp, this time in Utrecht. By now I feel like a bit of an old hand, and it was nice to see old friends and make new ones. The first day, as usual, was devoted to group-organised sessions on different topics.

12th May 2019

Getting my podcast listening history out of Overcast and into this site has been going swimmingly since I started a couple of months ago. I had to do everything manually, but that was OK as it gave me the chance to check that it was indeed all going swimmingly. While my friends have been sharing all their great ideas for the hack day at this weekend's IndieWebCamp in Düsseldorf, earlier this week I decided that the time was right to start automating my listen s posts. This was prompted by the podcast Automators #22: Text Expansion, co-hosted by one of those friends.

3rd May 2019

I suppose that if the previous month gets done more than halfway through, then the subsequent month is going to come on fast like an express train. So here we are.

1st May 2019

Folksonomy is all very well, but my own set of tags leaves a lot to be desired. I'm forever giving things a tag and thinking I'll remember it and then discovering that not only do I not remember the tag, but also that the tag applies only to a single item, neither of which is very helpful. So I reso...

24th Apr 2019

Later in the summer I'll be offering some bread-making courses, and as part of that I've been excavating part of my personal baking history. Today, that was the story of how I came by one of my sourdough starters, the 100-year old Tuscan pasta madre. I snapped this portrait this morning.

Active sourdough starter


16th Mar 2019

Finally, I have succeeded in importing all the podcasts I have listened to with the Overcast app, at least as far back as May 2018.

24th Jan 2019

Sparklines are a Tufte invention to display data almost as a word. I like them, and built them laboriously by hand in the past, for example to track changes in how Board members rated aspects of my workplace's activities. Anyway, having suddenly become aware of an avalance of spam to WithKnown (which had been going on for a while) I decided to track it and, as an exercise, to display the data as a sparkline.

19th Jan 2019

As I mentioned a while ago, I had been living in cloud cuckoo land with respect to spammers. I naïvely thought that my little microblog was of no interest to spammers. The truth was, I just wasn't being notified of the incoming dross. As a result, I'm afraid I might have got onto some lists as a v...

13th Jan 2019

Monthly reports have been going more than a year now, even if I have missed a few, including last December. What to add for an annual report? I think this has to be a different kind of beast, more like a GTD high-level view. But there's still room for some low-level stuff, down at the bottom, thanks to Exist.

9th Jan 2019

I haven't seen that video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing her ass off, and nor will I, but kudos to Wired for using it as a peg on which to hang a good story about copyright, mash-ups, fair use and the like.

27th Nov 2018

I've been living in cloud cuckoo land for way too long. I thought that my stream of microposts was somehow of no importance to spammers (or anyone else, for that matter) because there were generally very few comments when I looked. However, it seems that old posts were being targetted with a vengean...

18th Nov 2018

Should I be beating myself up because we're more than halfway to the end of November? I don't think so. October was a good month, but not standout good. Maybe if it had been I would have written it up more rapidly. The high spot was definitely IndieWeb Camp in Nürnberg, and I did write that up reasonably quickly. No need to repeat here.

1st Nov 2018

Almost two weeks have gone by since the IndieWebCamp in Nürnberg, and as everyone is gearing up for IWC Berlin it is about time I wrote up what a good time I had and what I did.

The good time is simple. It is so energising to meet, in the flesh, with people who have very similar sorts of ideas and who are in addition so much more knowledgeable than I am. Just sitting in on discussions and absorbing what I can makes me feel that much closer to understanding. Being occasionally able to make a useful contribution is also rewarding. Even a couple of days is very worthwhile, and this being my second IWC I felt much more relaxed about knowing the ropes and some of the people.

24th Oct 2018

Episode summary: In this episode Eddie interviews Rosemary Orchard, a new member of the community. We talk about how she found the IndieWeb, attending IndieWebCamps remotely, wiki editing challenges and Micropub’s potential with syndication and destination targets. Podcast: Mac Power Users #417: Workflows with Manton Reece IndieWeb compatible service: Videos: IndieWebCamp NYC 2018 Event: IndieWebCamp Nuremberg 2018 IndieWebRing Video: Building a Micropub Endpoint Shortcut: Post using and Mastodon GitHub Repo: Micropub Endpoint for Jekyll and other flat-file CMSes If you enjoyed this podcast: Please leave a review in Apple Podcasts and recommend it using your favorite podcast player. You can help support the IndieWeb community by sponsoring the IndieWeb; You can help support the development of the show by sponsoring Eddie. Find this episode on the web at

23rd Oct 2018

This is too good to be true. Yesterday I read Sebastiaan's write-up of how he graphically a link between two individuals who both liked the same thing on the internet, and how, by doing that, he could alert himself to things he might like.

Today I finally see, in my reader, an earlier post from Kicks Condor, in which he talks about surfacing other readers who have linked to things he has linked, and how that might help him to discover interesting things to read. That could even be the basis of a self-organising discovery engine.

Clearly, they ought to know about one another. Maybe this post of mine will trigger that.

11th Oct 2018

As someone who mostly dislikes other people who willy-nilly connect everything they put online to everywhere they put things online in a many-to-many idiopathic echo chamber, I ought to do a little less of that myself. Or at least be a little more mindful about what I am doing.

In some ways, this is just a continuation of the soul-searching that found an outlet in Putting my house in order: Phase 1. I achieved some of what I set out to do there, but not enough, and this latest bout of navel gazing was prompted by a silly exchange on

6th Oct 2018

Fine time, in part recovering from August and also on its own terms. A brief trip to Edinburgh that included one of the most memorable meals of my life. And on the home front, just enjoying the effect that a reasonably moist summer had on the terrace.

18th Sep 2018

A couple of back-burner projects are simmering nicely. Mapping I wrote about recently.1 Today I turned back to working on micropub to add posts to this site. I have now worked out how to send two different kinds of post to two different places in the file system. Both are what you might call notes (indeed I call them Notes) but some are little status update notes and others are bookmarks.2 The way Grav works is that each file lives in a folder and Grav uses a specific template to display the contents of the file. I wanted a way to visually distinguish the two kinds of note; I chose different icons in the title.

17th Sep 2018

Observant readers may notice a new menu item over on the top right: Walks. This is the story of how that came to be. And how much further I have to go.

12th Sep 2018

A lot of people seem to be talking about writing; more often, more thoughtfully, more purposefully. Jeremy Keith rounded up quite a few of them earlier today which, in their several ways, make the point that writing regularly is a habit, that it may help others but mostly helps yourself and that you should write whatever you want. All good and true. None of the people Jeremy singled out says much about setting constraints, except perhaps for Patrick Rhone's plea that anything over 280 characters should be "on a blog that you own". Recently, however, I have seen other people remark on the value of a set constraint, usually a number of words. The morning brain dump folks set a minimum of 750 words, and no maximum. Others like a set number of words, no more, no fewer. And that reminded me that ages ago, when blogging was still new and exciting, I took part in a little challenge.

30th Jul 2018

Quite a few people, online friends and unknowns, discovered today that they won't easily be able to syndicate from their WordPress websites to their Facebook profile page, at least not automatically. There is a lot of hurt anger and confusion -- why didn't WP say something earlier? Why is FB doing t...

17th Jun 2018


Continuing my baby steps towards equipping Grav, which runs this, my main website, with a Micropub endpoint, it took me almost half a day to remember where I had got to. And about ten minutes to undo all my good work. Like the proverbial snail, though, I am now a little bit closer than I was, even if I had to drop down a bit to get here. And i (re)learned two important lessons: git; and small steps.

16th Jun 2018

Mildred Marianne asked How do you define #IndieWeb? and a couple of us weighed in. My own brief answer concluded "More a state of mind than a thing, I'd say" but Chris Aldrich went into a lot more detail. His piece is well worth checking out in detail, as it offers a bird's eye view of all the different things the IndieWeb is and could be. I might take issue with singling out the country of America for his metaphor as being a tad parochial, but one could choose any reasonably democratic place instead.

I want to respond to a little thing. In questioning the closed nature of the big silos, Chris asks parenthetically: Would you use your phone to only call friends who use AT&T?

8th Jun 2018

It has been a busy month, so busy that this report is the latest it has been in its short life. Many things have stayed on track, which makes me really happy.

Bread baking continues apace, with a new process in place to email people a choice of two different loaves. They reply by Monday, I deliver on Thursday and everyone is happy. I have been seriously eyeing up a Rofco B20 oven to cut total baking time but even though it seems on paper to be very compact I have not been able to identify a suitable space.

7th May 2018

The PHP course I started has been going really well, giving me the good grounding that I was looking for and that I never had. The secret will be somehow to keep using it. Some pretty big bakes too, handling double my normal quantity in a day. The big downside there is oven time. I can bake only one...

3rd May 2018

One of the key problems online is to prove that you are who you say you are. If you are, then I can allow you to do certain things.

These two things are usually called authentication and authorisation.

26th Apr 2018

After patting myself on the back for adding an h-card to my page of latest posts, friends pointed out that I could use the <data> element rather than choosing not to display the h-card information. One good reason to do this is that screen readers ignore this information, which must be a bonus for anyone who accesses my stuff that way.

The Partial template now reads:

<div class="h-card">
<data class="u-url" value=""></data>
<data class="p-name" value="Jeremy Cherfas"></data>
<data class="u-photo" value =""></data> 

And all the other logic remains exactly the same as before.

Another little tweak: because all my bookmarks from are now automatically brought back to my stream, I am removing them from the sidebar here.

19th Apr 2018

I spent a little time fixing up the way this site presents my h-card on the summary of blog posts. In case you're wondering, an h-card is a way of presenting information about yourself or your organisation on your website that makes it easy for other websites to identify you with your work, for example in webmentions.

12th Apr 2018

One of the difficulties of trying to be IndieWeb is that because there is no One True Way, only a set of useful building blocks, lovingly assembled, when something isn't working well it can be hard to know which bit is responsible for what. I had that problem recently with waiting a long time before a post here appeared there. Then today, a post I published this morning popped up on, and I had time to think about fixing things.

It was trivial, but I fixed it. Here's how.

12th Apr 2018

The Main Squeeze had a slightly spooky moment when she opened her Instagram app this morning. Last night, she'd been noodling around looking for a holiday place to stay. Now, near the top of her stream, there was the exact same place she had spent most time looking at, in a "sponsored" post.

We ha...

21st Mar 2018

I really enjoyed reading Eli Mellen's post of a couple of days ago: Dear IndieWeb, it may be time to start considering the user, not just the technical spec.

It really struck a chord with me because I have so often felt exactly the same frustrations, but my moaning comes from a position of consi...

11th Mar 2018

There's an XKCD cartoon beloved of geeky nerds and nerdy geeks looking to make things happen automatically. Actually, there are two, Automation and Is It Worth the Time?. Both have exercised me all weekend, and now, after only 13.5 hours, I might be able to save myself literally minutes every da...

8th Feb 2018

I've said before that I would like to bring a record of the things I mark at back to my notes website as Bookmarks. In theory, WithKnown makes this very easy, because every type of entry (Posts, Status updates, Bookmarks etc) has its own API, to which you can send correctly formatted POST requests. You can also send POST requests to Known's micropub endpoint. Unfortunately, neither option works for Bookmarks (and probably not for Likes and Reposts, but I haven't played with them).

7th Jan 2018

When I re-entered social space after a three-week break, there was a very pleasant surprise. My friend Jason had relaunched his Doubtfully Daily Matigo podcast. I binged on the first five immediately (alternating with another short podcast) and then caught up fully this morning.

1st Jan 2018

Over the past few days I have again picked up the torch of fully implementing webmentions in Grav. It's a maddening pursuit, mostly because I don't really know what I'm doing (although I am getting fantastic help from the folks in the IndieWeb community). The details are pretty arcane, and although I am trying to keep a decent record of all the steps and missteps, a full write-up will have to wait. In the meantime, I'm up against all sorts of weird things that I don't fully understand. My main aim is to try and get a more consistent, more essential, set of data back about webmentions to this site. To do that, I need to persuade the plugin to use XRay, rather than the standard PHP microformat parser, which I started doing back in late May.

4th Nov 2017

Interest in the IndieWeb appears to have upticked ever so slightly over the past couple of weeks, which may be why I've noticed so many more posts about how and why people are posting to their own sites and their various social presences. I meant to weigh in much sooner on some of them.

27th Oct 2017

As soon as added the ability to crosspost to a micropub-equipped site, I've tried, sporadically, to get it to work with my Known site. It never would work, and proved extremely frustrating to troubleshoot. Other people would just say, "It works for me" and because the problem clearly lay somewhere between the two entities it was very hard to know where to begin looking for trouble.

26th Oct 2017

Reading Aaron's #IndieWeb Reflections, I want to say #metoo, but without debasing that hashtag.

I'm struck that he and I seem to be in very much the same place. I too find it hard to explain; but then again, I don't try much. I too get lost in the mechanics, although I am slowly making progress....

24th Oct 2017

It has taken a wee while, but I finally managed to complete a task I set myself in mid-August: automatic deletion of spam comments.

7th Sep 2017

Lucky Peach was a great magazine about food; informative, witty, intelligent and eminently readable when most of the competition was nothing of the sort. But when it died, under slightly mysterious circumstances earlier this year, I didn't think too much about the consequences. I'd never actually been in a position to buy a paper copy, alas, but I very much enjoyed reading it online, which was generally a treat of both words and pictures. 1 And so I thought, well, that's OK. It'll live forever, digitally.

16th Aug 2017

Notes, as much for my own memory as for anyone following along, on a couple of recent tweaks


I read a lot, on and offline, and forget almost as much, so I have various places where I try to save bookmarks, notes and what have you. Then I noticed that someone whose footsteps I have been ...

11th Aug 2017

It makes me happy that another pilgrim on the road to IndieWeb has found some of my efforts helpful. Ron Chester has taken up blogging and microblogging and is now wondering whether he ought to get into webmentions. In that connection, he had some nice things to say about my write-ups on that subject, although in the end he decided that he doesn't want to take that particular giant baby step.

1st Aug 2017

I have immense respect for all the people involved in the IndieWeb who devote their time and expertise to helping people like me make use of their efforts. I also know that it can be a frustrating experience, and not for me alone. So I decided to reflect on this attempt to get onboard with a set-up that will enable me to tweet more easily about interesting things directly from my website. I'll try to do a walkthough that others can follow when I understand better the things I don't understand now.

Having got webmentions and comments working on the Mothership, I thought it high time I started giving some of the satellite sites more of an identity and more independence. First up, Eat This Podcast.

That runs on WordPress, and some time ago I moved it over to a more IndieWeb theme and implemented some of the IndieWeb principles. Notably, I POSSE longer articles using a plugin called All in One SEO.1 That actually does far more than POSSE, and one of the reasons I want to move forward is to use tools that are less of a Swiss army knife and more of a scalpel. I’m still using my @WithKnown stream, which really is part of the Mothership, to Tweet and reply to Tweets. So that seemed like a nice low-hanging fruit.

Not entirely.

27th Jul 2017

I know this only an ego trip, but I'd like to get back to having comments enabled on my website. That part is actually quite easy. There is a good Comments plugin for Grav that I have tested locally and it does a nice job. More than comments, though, I want IndieWeb comments. That is, I want people to be able to comment on, link to, like or otherwise engage with my content on their own site1 and have that show up here, on my site. In other words, I want it all.

The key to all this is a technology called webmentions. Webmentions are somewhat fundamental to the way the IndieWeb deals with conversations, because they allow all the participants to own their contributions. In essence, if you react to something I've published, your site sends a message to my site. What I choose to do with that is completely up to me.

16th Jul 2017

I've moaned publicly and to anyone who'll listen about how much I hate the way Instagram now shows me photos from the people I follow. Hating's not enough, though. You have to do something about it.

29th May 2017

Over at his personal blog, Jason has this to say:

What could possibly make 10C better than WordPress with a myriad of plugins? Despite what people might want from the 10C platform, it is a silo. Even in v5, which involves a globally distributed system of servers operated by anybody who might wan...

21st May 2017

To dwell on the positive, I believe I am now collecting the simpler data on webmentions that I wanted to. It was a long while getting there, and fortunately I had a lot of help from Aaron Parecki, who wrote the library I wanted to use. It turns out that in my ignorance I exposed a couple of issues,...

20th May 2017

What an interesting, inspiring day. I thought I would be way out of my depth, but I was by no means the least indiewebified person there, and I was possibly not the least nerdy person either. During introductions I realised that, like Sebastian Greger, I'm an indieweb hangover from the era when th...

15th May 2017

Excited to be going to the IndieWebCamp in Nürnberg this coming weekend, and also very conscious that I want to be able to do more than just listen and learn. I want to have something specific to work on, so I can get assistance from people and learn even more. As a result, I spent most of Saturday and Sunday deep down the coding rabbit hole.1

11th May 2017

there's like 3 steps to update my site. it takes me 5 minutes to write a paragraph, but 10 minutes to upload it to my site

That little snippet appeared last night in the notes from the Homebrew Web Club meeting in Portland, and it sang out to me. My site is the same, and at least part of that is my own fault. Everything happens first on a local copy of the website. Then I upload changes to github. Github sends the changes to the live site. And then, with luck, they appear on the live site.

30th Apr 2017

Large parts of the past three days have been spent down the rabbit hole that is modifying a WordPress theme, with extra time recovering from blank screens of death and other assorted niceties, all, thankfully, here at home rather than on the live site.

26th Apr 2017

Tl;dr I did a silly little thing in WordPress that made me happy.

17th Apr 2017

This past weekend, what with it being Easter and all, I decided I would attempt to go all in on indiewebifying one of my WordPress properties. I downloaded all the plugins and all the additional plugins they told me to download and set all the settings and then retired whimpering with my tail between my legs to regroup.

10th Apr 2017

Tim Harford is an economist, the FT's Undercover Economist, and I really enjoy what he does, wherever he does it. The FT, Books, his BBC radio show More or Less and also guest appearances on other podcasts. Aside from subscribing to More or Less, though, I don't actually stalk him to see what he's up to. So it was a pleasant surprise to find Tim's article The Problem With Facts drip out of the firehose I try to sip from. It's a fine article, about how Big Tobacco provided the canonical example of the field now known as agnotology. 1

20th Mar 2017

This is by way of a whinge, and the solution is at least straightforward. Learn how to do what you want to be able to do, dummy.

For a good long while, I've been feeling seriously underpowered when it comes to being able to do what I want to do online. I can't really date the start of it, I just know that I am no longer able to scratch my itches as once I was. That irks me. I know there are professionals and, even more valuably, amateurs who will scratch itches very similar to mine. But they're not my itches, and I'm not scratching them.

14th Mar 2017

Chris Aldrich went off on an interesting tangent yesterday, while thinking about food.

[T]here’s kind of an analogy between food and people who choose to eat at restaurants versus those who cook at home and websites/content on the internet.

The IndieWeb is made of people who are “cooking” th...

2nd Mar 2017

Close readers of this site will have noticed a new item in the top menu: Books &c. That's where my book reviews and notes will live, and, in due time, maybe some other kinds of reviews. I promised I'd write up how I got to this point.

17th Jan 2017

For a while now I've been concerned about owning my own data, in the spirit of IndieWeb. In June 2015 I started an experiment in the indieweb using a CMS called Known, and bits of that worked well enough. Trouble is, I actually have almost no control over the details of the CMS, which has meant that whenever I come across a little problem that might be within my capacity to solve, I generally can't even try. This frustration has finally reached the point where I'm prepared to do something about it, like host my own copy of Known rather than rely on Indiehosters.

25th Jun 2015

listening to @phoneboyspeaks Episode 919 about Social Network News stiffened my resolve to take back control of my online presence(s). While dismissing the Ello iOS app, as everyone else has, Dameon casually mentioned Yet Another Social Platform that he signed up for "because". I too like to sign up for and play with all the shiny new things, but I also want to make life easier for myself and anyone who has the slightest interest in interacting with me.

So I've signed up for a shiny new thing.

15th Jun 2012

The new WordPress has this nifty ability to embed Tweets, and this seems a worthwhile kind of article to test it on.

2022-06-15: Let this be a lesson to past me and all future yous. The Tweet has been deleted. Ferris Jabr is still tweeti...

15th Nov 2010

I may regret this, but having learned to spread little goodies to followers through Google Reader, I thought I would send them back here to The Mother Ship. Over there, below the Random Photograph. To do that, however, I have to make them available to all and sundry, rather than just to my friends a...

27th Feb 2006

Elephant washing

Originally uploaded by Jeremy Cherfas.

I’m actually just testing this to see how blogging from Flickr works. It would save masses of time and effort (both of which are in short supply) to be able to do this kind of thing.

Later ... Odd. Flickr said that I had faile...