I suppose that if the previous month gets done more than halfway through, then the subsequent month is going to come on fast like an express train. So here we are.

Highlights of the month, according to the journal, include:

  • A lovely visit to Ireland for Hearsay 2019, which resulted in a fun and different (for me) podcast episode and the raw material for another.
  • Getting completely screwed over by the bureaucracy here. Again.
  • Starting discussions about a new and extended bread-making course at a 15th-century castle in Umbria.
  • Selling (!) the first tickets for my one-day bread-making course in Rome.
  • I started taking melatonin every night, whether I need to or not. I do believe my sleep was deeper and less agitated, but I need to find a way to quantify that.

On the minus side, the deck that I had been using in Anki to improve my Italian suddenly went AWOL and there didn't seem to be an obvious replacement. I continued to read around a bit on spaced repeition systems and language and there seems to be general agreement that the decks you make for yourself are the most effective, but I have not formulated a plan for doing that.


Steps went down a bit, but are still way above the global average. Sleep too is falling slightly, but slightly above the global average. Weight dropped a tiny bit. Somehow only registered 6 reading days.


Logged 128 hours for the month and worked on 20 of the 30 days. Given that I didn't log a single second of the trip to Ireland, that is entirely fine. Surprised that I didn't log more time on ETP; felt like I did more. Also, logged a fair bit of time writing of one sort or another. Not a minute of paid work, which is a little unnerving. Plus, note new and improved visual presentation of table; much messier code, but much nicer look.

Month Total Daily Admin % ETP % Other %
04 128 6.4 37 28 35
03 158 7.5 44 28 28
02 121 6.0 32 42 26
2019-01 95 5.4 39 13 48
10 100 4.2 41 34 25
09 131 6.5 45 23 32
08 185 8.0 14 85 1
07 68 5.25 25 63 12
06 96 5.75 34 9 57
05 151 6.0 36 20 44
04 159 7.5 29 29 40
2018-03 152 7.0 20 10 70


Still bad! Only 4 posts on this website. listen ed to 46 podcasts.


The listen posts are working well, whcih suggests that getting back onto posts that contain geo-information would be a good thing, in advance of the IndieWebCamp in Utrecht. I should continue doing more to automate or simplify some of the more repetitive things I do. Having bought a little keyboard, I need to play with it more.

Final remarks

Aside from the bureaucratic nightmare, life is good.

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