They’re not dead!

But they may be moribund

Very strange, but for two days straight my log files have not shown anyone coming here for a post that couldn't be found. Is this a sign of success, or of increasing irrelevance?

Anyway, I did eventually find something that couldn't be found, and brought it in. And it triggered all sorts of nostalgia and a surprising realisation.

The post was my response to being meme tagged, or whatever we called it back in the day. That, dearly beloved, was a technique bloggers used in the old, independent days, to engage with their online friends. You'd think of something silly to say, then challenge some of your online chums (you were probably on one another's blogrolls) to do the same and challenge their friends etc etc until the whole world had said something silly.

Does that still happen? Could it happen again?

And the realisation?

Every one of the blogs I mentioned in my post is still alive and still at the same domain.

Mind you, only one of them is anything like current, but all of them could be, if they chose to be.

And they say blogging is dead!

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