There is an IndieWebCamp going on in Dusseldorf, and during a session on the presentation of photos I thought about sharing my own efforts in that department. Then I discovered, to my horror, that search was completely broken on the website, in production and locally, where I tinker with things. Obviously I gave up the idea of sharing my photo pages and tried to work out what was wrong.

The problem is down to a program called Gregwar/Image, which Grav uses to do some clever image manipulation, like cropping and resizing, on the fly. I have had trouble with it before, and indeed Grav has complaints about it going back to 2016. Before, when I had trouble, I gave up on whatever it was that I was trying to do, claiming that I didn’t use the fancy features anywhere. Turns out I was wrong.

When I looked through all the blog posts here with images, I discovered that nine of them were making use of cropResize to change the image on the fly. So, I got rid of each one and — Lo! — everything seems to be working again.

Which is nice.

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