Nice to be noticed

Webmentions FTW

It makes me happy that another pilgrim on the road to IndieWeb has found some of my efforts helpful. Ron Chester has taken up blogging and microblogging and is now wondering whether he ought to get into webmentions. In that connection, he had some nice things to say about my write-ups on that subject, although in the end he decided that he doesn't want to take that particular giant baby step.

That's entirely sensible. Eventually, Ron may feel the need, but until then, maybe his will provide all the interaction he wants.

So why am I writing this? Two reasons. One is to try and see whether my hand-coded replies make it through the web of webmentions back to The other is to respond to this point Ron made, in relation to his observation that many people who have enabled webmentions do not have "ordinary" comments:

[T]here is no obvious way of communicating with these folks about things they post.

That can be true. But I'd like to point out that I do have ordinary comments enabled. What I still need to do, though, is implement one of those little forms that enables people to supply the link to where they may have written about a post, which allows me to pull in their comments even if they don't have webmentions.

That's next.

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