IndieWeb Challenge Day 6

Faulty logic. Again

If one is sufficiently slapdash, fixing something on this site each day is more than doable. A couple of days ago I did some work to tidy up the display of Reviews. Deeply fancy logic (not) to check the name of an image file seemed to do what I wanted. I had forgotten, however, that while the name I gave the image file was constant, it respected the file format of the original image file. My logic was testing for only one file format.

The fix is reasonably easy. Instead of testing for the whole filename, I strip out the extension and test for what remains. Except I don't. I use a filter to see whether the filename starts with the name I give it. Possibly not as bullet-proof, but it works.

Then I had to add another filter to ensure that I did not display the contents of the page twice. And that seems to work too.

So that's another small win.

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