IndieWeb Challenge Day 10

In with a bullet

I've wanted for ages to be able to do visual representations of some of the data I collect, and as I had a bit more time than usual yesterday I finally made the effort to understand chartist.js and put it to work.

First, though, I got rid of a few things that my new theme was loading and that were leftovers from a previous life. That made it easier to see what was going on. Following the very clear instructions made it relatively easy to get a test chart visible, and with that done, I stuck in some of my own data, and voilá!

This is actually a daily plot of the number of spam comments I get over on the stream. It was the biggest set of data I could easily lay my hands on. To get it to display intelligibly I had to meddle with the styling of the bars on the chart in my custom.css, and I am hoping I may be able to do that on the fly in future; tricky, but possible. I also suppressed labels on the abscissa, because I don't have the actual dates.1

For now, the data are actually in the script here in the source. Next I want to see whether I can read the data in from a separate file. And ultimately, store the script elsewhere too.

For now, I am very content.

  1. Well, I have the start date, so I could reconstruct the series, but life is too short.  

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