People who align with IndieWeb ideas have a brief history of undertaking a challenge during the month of December. The idea “is to collectively ship something IndieWeb-related that benefits the community, people in addition to yourself”. I sort of know that nothing I might do would benefit the community or people, but I didn't quite understand that there were other ways I could take part in the more general idea of a challenge.

One is the 100 days challenge. That's a lot more manageable.

[D]o or make something and post about it on your own site every day for 100 days. The challenge can be started at any time, and all you have to do is commit to starting, and then make a post every day with the #100Days tag (or custom version of) on your personal website when you finish something for that day. Each project can be as small as you want.

Although one can start the challenge at any time, having started in December, I think I'll continue. And because 100 days really does seem rather daunting, I'm going to accept a suggestion from Tantek Çelik and make it a >7<101-day challenge. It'll end when it ends.

The first thing I did was to fix the feeds for this site, which might benefit the community inasmuch as it makes it easier for them to follow me, should anyone wish to. But I take the point, that it affects only my own site. I wrote about that at my other site, but I think going forward I will post my little daily accomplishments here instead. After all, this is the main site on which I will be working.

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