The PHP course I started has been going really well, giving me the good grounding that I was looking for and that I never had. The secret will be somehow to keep using it. Some pretty big bakes too, handling double my normal quantity in a day. The big downside there is oven time. I can bake only one loaf at a time, which makes for a long session, by the end of which the last loaf is usually overproofed.

For time management, I have tried to go back to a system that I know works, because it has worked in the past, which is not even to look at email or feeds before I have done a couple of hours of something productive. For some reason, although I know it works, I keep falling off the wagon, so recently I climbed back on. One ruse I've adopted to make it easier is to keep a little running list of things I could write about today. That might be helping.

A strange new thing; at least I don't remember it. "You go to bed later when the day is cooler." It doesn't seem in the least bit plausible that there's a causal relationship, but who knows.


I logged 158 hours for the 30 days of April, and worked on 24 of those days. That compares to 151 hours over 25 working days in March, so I was indeed a little busier.

Tyme 29% admin, 29% ETP, 40% everything else

Admin holding steady, ETP doubled.

I still like Tyme. The biggest niggle now comes when I am doing these monthlies, and indeed invoicing clients. It would be great if Tyme had built in selection for this month and last month, rather than forcing you to enter custom dates for last month. It's just a drag. is actually even worse. You get the past 30 days in a browser, and that's it. That might be something to flex my new PHP muscles on.


Pathetic. I didn't bring any old posts in this month. But I did manage to write six new posts, and some of them weren't even about IndieWeb plumbing.

And though I set a goal for Reading, in the past 30 days I recorded only four sessions, a session being at least 30 minutes consecutively, away from the computer. Phone doesn't count, Kindle does.


The knee continues to recover slowly, but by no means smoothly.


Seems definitely to be going up, with two consecutive increases in the 60-day running average.


Might be creeping up. Exist says my average time asleep of 08:16 (08:05 in March) is much more than the global average of 06:58 (06:59 in March) and that's good enough for me.


Put that PHP course to use, possibly by attempting to modify one of the Micropub apps to work with Grav. I know at least one other Grav person has done it, but she is very smart. I'm a little worried that WithKnown, despite all protestations to the contrary, is not getting as much love as it needs, and I don't think my skills are anywhere near being able to contribute.

Final remarks

A lot of travel coming in May, with more in June. I think I'll take a break from Eat This Podcast for June and July, with a special episode on 28 May to end the season.

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