When I re-entered social space after a three-week break, there was a very pleasant surprise. My friend Jason had relaunched his Doubtfully Daily Matigo podcast. I binged on the first five immediately (alternating with another short podcast) and then caught up fully this morning.

As so often with Jason's podcasts, I urgently want to respond, often to agree, sometimes to disagree, occasionally to ask for more information, and so it was. Comments there are not (yet?) enabled, and when I asked Jason where the discussion ought to take place, he not unnaturally suggested 10C. In the spirit of the IndieWeb, however, and notwithstanding the fact that my data in 10C remain very much my data, I'm going to reply here and then POSSE to 10C.

Which brings me to my first point. In 001 - New Year's Day Jason talked about his hopes and expectations for a new version of 10C. I'm excited by everything he mentioned, and also a little worried by what he didn't mention: webmentions! This is the plumbing that allows me to respond to something on the internet and have the originator of that content be notified of my response, with the option of displaying it, or not, any way they choose. It offers the opportunity to have an entire conversation present on each participant's website, rather than stuck in a silo. While 10C is probably the least evil silo I know, indeed, it is a positively good silo, it remains a silo nevertheless. The single thing I most want to see in 10C is greater IndieWeb capabilities.

003 - Intel's Snafu was also very interesting. I saw headlines about the exploits, but had not paid any attention. Now I know that fixing these problems is probably going to make my Mac seem much slower. It was bad enough before, often slowing to a crawl for reasons unknown, although I suspect mostly associated with DropBox. So, while on holiday, I bought a huge external SSD in the potentially naive hope that it would speed things up if I made that the start-up disk (on which enterprise I plan to embark tomorrow). But maybe that will just leave me where I was before, if the fix is as bad as Jason says it will be. That would, at least, be bearable, but I had been expecting to use this machine for another three or four years, at least. I hope I can do that. I'm just not ready to interact with a computer at any length in the absence of a keyboard, as Jason seems to think I might have to.

That'll do for this post. I'd like more information about a NAS, but time is pressing. I expect I'll have more to say in the future. I might even be tempted to resurrect my own short-form podcasts.

Also at POTP.

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