Reading Aaron's #IndieWeb Reflections, I want to say #metoo, but without debasing that hashtag.

I'm struck that he and I seem to be in very much the same place. I too find it hard to explain; but then again, I don't try much. I too get lost in the mechanics, although I am slowly making progress. I too juggle multiple spaces, unsuccessfully.

I'm hoping for good things from the book Chris Aldrich has already started working on, and I keep trying to educate myself. In the end, though, I feel (and fear) that the silos have answered the "how do I publish this on the internet?" question so effectively, for so many people, that the impetus to learn and make things -- as I learned NucleusCMS -- almost two decades ago, is all but gone. Discovering content management systems and weblogging, after hand coding a clunky monthly newsletter, was almost magical. I doubt that today's "publishers" feel anything like the same satisfaction, but I get it again from the IndieWeb.

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