A little while ago (on 19 October, to be precise) someone mentioned commento.io, an open source commenting system for websites. It looked interesting, so I tried to leave a comment on the post that mentioned it. Despite a few problems with login, I managed it, and asked whether Commento could play nicely with webmentions. No reply there, but I also took the matter up with support at Commento.

Today I got a reply. It didn't really address the login point, but did speak to Webmentions:

A few people have mentioned WebMentions, but unfortunately I don't have the time resources to build that feature as the feature requests does not have enough volume (I prioritise features in the descending order of number of requests).

Is this a clear case of people not wanting what they don't know about? Or is it, rather,st a classic opportunity to say if-you-build-it-they-will-come?

Anyway, if number of requests is what it takes, I've added mine and urge anyone who feels similarly to do the same.

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