Stop the Linkrot Part II

A gift received

I was intrigued to see that Remy Sharp had converted his “No More 404” script into a service, and promptly asked if I could use it. Remy obliged, and I just installed it which means, I hope, even fewer broken links on this site.

This nifty approach to link rot first came to my attention at IndieWebCamp Nürnberg, where Jeremy Keith implemented it on his site as a hack day project. One of my projects was to improve my site so that it delivered fewer 404s, but as I said at the time, “Now I need to think about regular applications of rot protection”. Remy’s gift gives me that opportunity.

The instructions are very clear. I had to add a one-line script to my site’s HEAD and place redirect.js where the script could find it. Done! Testing it on a variety of my posts, it seems to do the job.

Thank you Remy.

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