IndieWeb Challenge Day 5

Tweaking Webmentions and Comments

A brief flurry of webmentions to a recent post reminded me that I needed to look again at how those things are presented. In building the new theme, I had discovered the <detail> and <summary> elements and used them to hide interactions as the default. I hope most people know that clicking on the triangle will expose something hidden. Ideally I would like to offer different visual presentation depending on whether either webmentions or comments exist. That is not going to happen for a while.

I did dig around enough to know that I could do something like that for webmentions, but it would mean becoming a whole lot more familiar with Javascript than I am currently. I also discovered some long-neglected modifications to the Grav comment plugin that would make a few things a lot simpler to do. That too will have to wait.

Instead, I opted to slightly tweak the presentation and to offer a brief explanation of webmentions and of comments. Tiny changes, but hey, it counts.

Two ways to respond: webmentions and comments


Webmentions allow conversations across the web, based on a web standard. They are a powerful building block for the decentralized social web.

“Ordinary” comments

These are not webmentions, but ordinary old-fashioned comments left by using the form below.

Reactions from around the web