How strange to discover two milestones written about on the same day, several years apart. First there was the post in which I “discovered” podcasts. Eleven years later I was mourning the passing of ADN and extending one of the IndieWeb metaphors — eat what you cook1 — with a little biological insight.

Just as fat, salt and sugar are extremely valuable when they’re scarce, so a hunger for gossip is valuable when it too is scarce. And it used to be, in our evolutionary past.

That is almost all I have to say on the topic, except to note that bringing in those old posts continues to illustrate the difficulties of blogging today. Clearly, I was often just dashing off a few words to share something I had found that was interesting, curious, provocative, whatever. And while my noble goal was to share the wealth, I was also rewarded by the comments; no likes in those days. The whole thing was very easy (too easy?) using MarsEdit and WordPress.

These days, that kind of thing is most often done on Twitter etc., and it is easy enough to syndicate tweet-length posts, but I cannot often be bothered. The slight friction of posting here remains an obstacle, probably for the good, but the firehose of posts from the me of 10 or 15 years ago makes today's me feel slightly inadequate.

Which it shouldn't, because I am a better cook now than I was then.

  1. The history and antecedents of which I find deeply amusing. 

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