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Key: (B) = book | (F) = film | (T) = television series | (P) = podcast series | (TH) = theater performance | (M) = musical performance |[R] = reread/rewatch/relisten | (Tk) = talk

This is a non-exhaustive list of things I’ve read, watched, seen or otherwise enjoyed.

Here’s the list for 2019.

  • February
    • 24
      • Started watching Better Call Saul s05 on Netflix T Less than compelling this time around. May need time.
    • 22
      • Finished reading The Secret Pilgrim by John Le Carré B Such fine storytelling, and cleverly done as a series of reminiscences at a special dinner, each a short story.
    • 19
      • Started watching The Stranger on Netflix T Note from the future: Very well done, and I suppose eventually **all** the threads will come together.
    • 16
      • Watched The Coldest Game on Netflix F Strange Cold War caper, around the Bay of Pigs. Fictional tosh, and diverting.
      • Finished reading The Final Solution by Michael Chabon B Terrifically fun story of The Great Detective at death's door. Very entertaining, but what is it with Chabon and parrots?
    • 14
      • Saw (heard?) Norma by Bellini at the San Carlo, Naples Th Sublime, in all respects.
    • 9
      • Finished The Two Popes on Netflix F A lot better than I expected; humane, intelligent, compassionate.
    • 8
      • Started watching The Two Popes on Netflix F Broke halfway through as it was getting past our bedtime. Easy to do.
    • 7
      • Finished reading Agent Running in the Field by John le Carré on Kindle B Absolutely thrilling stuff, never mind the loose ends, and so beautifully told.
      • Finished watching Messiah s01 on Netflix T Somewhat far-fetched ending, but has been solid throughout, and suitably enigmatic.
    • 5
      • Started watching Rise of Empires: Ottoman on Netflix T Interesting mix of talking heads, strangely rendered, and drama, equally strangely rendered.
    • 4
      • Saw 1917 at the Nuovo Olimpia F Astonishing feat of cinematographic story-telling; I'd love to see it with a director's commentary.
    • 2
      • Watched Uncut Gems on Netflix F Too shouty. I just wasn’t interested.
    • 1
      • Started reading Agent Running in the Field by John le Carré on Kindle B Never disappoints.
  • January
  • At some point I finished reading, with regret, The Old Ways by Robert Macfarlane. So good. Soon after, I started reading Wild Life by Keena Roberts.
    • 31
      • Started watching Thieves in the Wood s01 on Netflix T Belgian; we may not last the course.
      • Finished reading Wild Life by Keena Roberts B Excellent and illuminating on growing up different.
    • 25
      • Finished watching The Crown s03 on Netflix T Olivia Colman is simply brilliant.
    • 12
      • Started watching Messiah s01 on Netflix T Interesting.
    • 1
      • Started reading Draft No. 4: on the writing process by John McPhee on the Kindle B I'd read his laundry lists.
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