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Key: (B) = book | (F) = film | (T) = television series | (P) = podcast series | (TH) = theater performance | (M) = musical performance | [R] = reread/rewatch/relisten | (Tk) = talk

This is a non-exhaustive list of things I’ve read, watched, seen or otherwise enjoyed.

Here are the lists for 2019; 2020; 2021; 2022; 2023.

  • January
    • 29
      • Finished watching Hijack on Apple TV T Have not seen anything as tense in a long, long time.
    • 27
      • Saw The Holdovers at the Nuovo Sacher F Is the final message that privilege always wins in the end? Nevertheless, wonderful.
    • 23
      • Saw Wim Wenders' Perfect Days at the cinema F Lovely, gentle film, full of beautiful quiet touches.
    • 22
      • Started reading Brooklyn Crime Novel by Jonathan Lethem on Kindle B Too much geography, maybe.
    • 21
      • Finished reading Orwell's Roses by Rebecca Solnit on Kindle B Incredibly well written and very illuminating. Now to reread Orwell.
      • Started watching Hijack on Apple TV T Very taut.
    • 19
      • Finished watching Reacher s02 on Amazon Prime T Cartoonish violence and strength, and nobody left alive.
    • 14
      • Started watching Criminal Evidence on Apple TV T Looks to be very good.
    • 12
      • Watched Roleplay on Netflix F Pretty weak secret assassin stuff.
    • 10
      • Started reading Orwell's Roses by Rebecca Solnit B Lovely rambling stuff that all ties together.
    • 04
      • Watched Equalizer 3 on Netflix F Good men doing bad things, in Sicily and the Amalfi.
    • 02
      • Started watching Reacher s02 on Amazon Prime T No change; Reacher is still Reacher, but we have back story.

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