Quite a few people, online friends and unknowns, discovered today that they won't easily be able to syndicate from their WordPress websites to their Facebook profile page, at least not automatically. There is a lot of hurt anger and confusion -- why didn't WP say something earlier? Why is FB doing this? -- that I can quite understand. Facebook is not alone in this, of course. Twitter has a long history of screwing people who dare to do things outside Twitter. If you have come to depend on an automatic system, it is horrid when it breaks as a result of nothing you have done.

Nevertheless, a big part of me fails to feel their pain. That is quite simply because I hate seeing the same things from the same people pop up wherever I go. It gets tired very fast, and it confuses me because I don't know where best to answer, if that's what I want to do. Do it from my site, and I risk creating a post with no context if that response ends up elsewhere. Do it within the silo and I'm just share-cropping for The Man.

So when I do syndicate out to a silo, I do it by hand. Sure it would be tedious if I wanted to do that for every little thing, but I don't. I share the things I want to share, in the way I want to share them.


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