listening to @phoneboyspeaks Episode 919 about Social Network News stiffened my resolve to take back control of my online presence(s). While dismissing the Ello iOS app, as everyone else has, Dameon casually mentioned Yet Another Social Platform that he signed up for "because". I too like to sign up for and play with all the shiny new things, but I also want to make life easier for myself and anyone who has the slightest interest in interacting with me.

So I've signed up for a shiny new thing.

I don't have the technical chops to dive deep into the indieweb, but I know a man who does, so he can have my money to host an experiment. To begin with I plan on playing with a domain I'm not currently using, but the hope and (promise!) is that eventually it may all end up on the mothership. It's all a bit flaky at the moment, because I actually have to transfer ownership of the domain 1 to Pierre. That's cool; I trust him, and when Let's Encrypt launches that will no longer be necessary. But I am keen to get going.

More news here when the experiment is ready for its close-up.

P.s. 3 January 2016: The experiment continues, still at and raises questions. Will Grav be able to embrace Indieweb principles? Not much sign of that yet. And will I be able to resurrect the old contents of that site, possibly here?

  1. Or pay extra for them to deal with security and suchlike additionally. 

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