Biodegradable Blog Post

A pile of compost

It's nice of Jim Nielsen to suggest that blogging is like composting, but I'm not sure I fully agree that my current failure-to-ship of a rotten banana is worth writing about, except of course that I am now writing about it, tangentially.

The story is the familiar one of knowing enough to be dangerous. I updated the engine that drives the site for my stream of microposts and along the way it, or more likely me, messed up. It is kinda sorta working again now, although without a home page, with no check-ins and no images from before the SNAFU. Support has not, yet, been at all helpful.

As I say, the story is familiar, and reinforces my belief that it won't be too long before that engine seizes up entirely. Of course, in good IndieWeb style, I own the domain and everything I published to it, but the uncomfortable truth is I don't really understand how that information is stored. As a result, I don't really know how to get it out and into another IndieWeb platform.

But I am working on it, and I am getting good help, and when I have successfully made the move (a hostage to fortune if ever there was one) it will make a very rich pile of compost indeed.

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