Bise workflow

Manual till it hurts

It has been three weeks now since I first ran Bise on my logfiles to see who and what had been popping in here to take a look. It’s a bit of a faff, for a whole variety of reasons, which start with my host keeping only a couple of days worth of logs. That means I have to download the logs daily. And my host’s naming convention is different from the one Bise expects. Rather than play with Bise, it is easier to rename the files. And then there's a whole lot of to-ing and fro-ing.

Anyway, although it seems complex, in that there are many steps, those steps individually are not too arduous, so I am happy to go through them manually. Ultimately, of course, it would be great to automate everything and have it Just Work™.

Until then, and with a view to helping me understand what automation would entail, here is my ...

Bise workflow

  1. Is it Sunday afternoon?
  2. Open A Better Finder Renamer 11, where there is a preset called bise logs
  3. Go to /Users/jeremycherfas/Dropbox/jcn-logs
  4. Copy 14 items
  5. Go to /Users/jeremycherfas/bise/jcn-logs
  6. Paste 14 items
  7. Rename most recent log file, e.g. access.log.2020-03-14 to access.log
  8. Drag 13 dated access logs to ABFR 11 and Rename All
  9. Open /bise in Terminal
  10. Run /Users/jeremycherfas/bise/bin/bise jcn-logs/access.log*
  11. Marvel at the data returned
  12. Select and copy data from Terminal and append to file
  13. Select all access.log files and move to a new folder labelled 2020-03-15
  14. Go to /Users/jeremycherfas/Dropbox/jcn-logs
  15. Select 7 oldest files and delete them
  16. Wait until next Sunday and repeat.

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