The sky is clear celeste, unmarked by clouds. The wind is fresh, but not overly so. The temperature is a delicious 23°C. In other words, a perfect early autumn day. Yesterday was the same, maybe a touch windier, just the job for a very long bike ride.

My point is that while this is very much one of my favourite kinds of weather, each kind of weather is conducive to its own special activity. Different people will have their own idea of what that activity might be. Today, sailing springs to mind, and for me flying a kite would be a good alternative to cycling, although I am sure there are others.

When it is cold and damp, a good book and a blanket beckon. Or deep immersion into some problem on the computer. I don't have a good working space to do things with my hands, but would be there too if I could.

Cold and dry offers the chance for all sorts of different outdoor activities, although I long ago banned myself from anything that involves low kinetic friction. Still, that leaves long walks and long rides, and decent clothing makes the cold completely bearable.

Hot and dry calls for swimming and doing anything in the shade outdoors that would otherwise be done indoors.

Hot and damp is my sour spot; I really do not like it, and will avoid it if at all possible. The only upside might possibly be the joy of really fine thunderstorms, although hot and humid weather does not necessarily oblige.

This post is a submission to My Kind of Weather, hosted by me for the IndieWeb Carnival. I’ll publish my roundup as soon as I can in October.

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