I work as a freelance communicator.

In essence, I see myself as a translator. I speak Science, and I speak English, and I work hard to make the two understand one another.

I'll expand on this in coming weeks, but for now, contact me and let's see if we can come to some sort of arrangement.

Mostly, I like to help people tell their stories. I'm a biologist by training and by inclination, and my main joy is applying that to food and the agriculture and industries that supply it. I also have side interests in economics and many other things.

I don't currently have a portfolio, as such, but here are some of the things I've done:

  • Quite a lot of my written journalism these days is for NPR'S The Salt, most recently this piece. I'm more than happy to consider any commissions.
  • I make Eat This Podcast, which was nominated last year for a James Beard Foundation award. I also make podcasts for clients and would be delighted to do the same for you.
  • Several clients have asked me to work with them to develop a communications strategy. I can't say who they are, but they've generally been pretty pleased with the results and I'd be happy to talk privately.
  • I've done a lot of training on communications and, especially, science writing. Again, more details on request.
  • I'm proud of what Luigi and I have done at The Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog speaking truth to power and generally snarking it up.
  • I built this website, whatever its faults, and others.

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