Not at all unhappy that this report covers two months. June and July we enjoyed a lot of travelling, some of it the very time when I might have been writing a monthly report, so. Travels to Ischia, Wales and Puglia, each of them wonderful in its own way.

One definite discovery, which I sort of knew but hadn't really thought much about. When I'm away on holiday, I sometimes have to do a bit of work. If I set aside a couple of quiet hours early in the morning, I can get as much done then as I can in almost a day at home. Knowing that in a couple of hours I will have to be ready to go to the beach, or sightseeing, or shopping for that day's dinner, prevents me from prevaricating like nothing else.

Highlights of the month:

  • First public bread course in Rome; I enjoyed it, despite being wrong-footed by the sudden heat, and I think so did the participants. (But no progress on the book.)
  • Improved the watering system on the terrace, which rewarded us by keeping almost everything alive over the three absences.
  • Got locked out of the house; truly grateful to the Vigili del Fuoco, despite their fascist capo, for helping us anziani.
  • Started big research on the episode that will relaunch the podcast in August.
  • Started to work on adapting this website to the new default theme, taking the opportunity to simplify behind the scenes.

Steps is about constant, weight is about constant, but time asleep has fallen. Not in the least bit surprised, as the hotter weather means eating later which means getting to bed later. However, because mornings are delicious and cool, getting up early is a good thing. Corroborated, I think, by tagging nap more often when the day is warmer and when the night is warmer. Average bedtime was 10:33 on 2 June and 10:54 today, while wake time was 6:51 on 2 June and 7:03 today.

Tagged Reading on 20 days in June and in July; summer's like that.

Mood average has climbed from 4.3 on 2 June to 4.7 today; summer's like that too.


I know that my logging has been less than comprehensive over the past two months, but even though they may be unreliable, the figures are here.

Month Total Daily Admin % ETP % Other %
07 58 2.9 22 21 57
06 75 3.75 38 18 44
05 145 7.25 40 2 58
04 128 6.4 37 28 35
03 158 7.5 44 28 28
02 121 6.0 32 42 26
2019-01 95 5.4 39 13 48
10 100 4.2 41 34 25
09 131 6.5 45 23 32
08 185 8.0 14 85 1
07 68 5.25 25 63 12
06 96 5.75 34 9 57
05 151 6.0 36 20 44
04 159 7.5 29 29 40
2018-03 152 7.0 20 10 70


Three posts here in two months! That's appalling. But lots of reading; that's great.

listen ed to 47 podcasts in June and 45 in July. The highlights were Bundyville: The Remnant from Oregon Public Broadcasting and Longreads and Malcolm Gladwell's episode of Revisionist History dedicated to Randy Newman's Good Old Boys. And having written that sentence, is the first time I have put those two thoughts together.

In May I started to remap various keyboard shortcuts; a couple have become ingrained but I need to add more slowly and allow each one to become a habit. A cheatsheet might help.


I didn't make any progress on mapping, but that's OK. There will be time. And I did make progress on the theme that presents this site. Not quite ready to swap over yet, because there is still a lot of work to make it pretty and IndieWeb-ready, but the logic is working and I am quite pleased with how it is going.

Final remarks

Two things: A month on, I still like shaving with cold water only, and I'm still taking melatonin every night. Dreams are crazy vivid, but not scary, and I think I am awake less.

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