King content crowned again

A time of innocence and empowerment

As part of a project I have in mind, I've started downloading the logs of this site from my server. Looking at them, I'm still surprised by how many pages search engines seem to be looking for and failing to find. Two questions:

  1. Where are they coming from? Mostly, it seems,, which is now
  2. Why doesn't my nifty rewrite rule redirect as I thought it did? 1

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Everything is connected

Old blog pieces, new journalism, timeless ideas

Two days ago, I bookmarked a column by Tim Harford, remembering the great economist Martin Weitzman. I knew Weitzman only because a colleague made use of his ideas on how to prioritise the conservation of species, the Noah's Ark problem. He wanted to pay people to conserve quinoa varieties, but wh...

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The balance I try to maintain, between doing things and writing about doing things, has swung too far in the doing direction. Sure, there are good reasons, like wanting to get the new theme for this site up and running before Friday, but I've got so many little notes scribbled that really wouldn't take much more than half an hour if I put my mind to it in the moment. Onward

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I don't know what I don't need

A trim, probably

Most of my "free" time for the past six weeks or so has been devoted to how this site works, on screen and behind the scenes, rather than what it contains. I've enjoyed it a lot, but now that I am almost ready to roll out the new look, which will be very like the old look, I have an odd problem. What don't I need?

man having his beard trimmed

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Antibiotic resistance in livestock: high and growing

In memoriam Stuart B. Levy

Only one thing makes it worth routinely feeding antibiotics to livestock; profit at any cost.

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