Not surprisingly, when one’s daily life is ruled by work, and one has vowed to mention work as seldom as possible in one’s blog, one has nothing to say. At least, nothing that hasn’t already been said. Marrakech is astonishing, especially the giant square in the middle of town. Been there three times now, but still feel as if I am just skating above the culture. All those throngs of people, crowded round storytellers, magicians, jugglers, musicians, snake charmers (not seen any of those myself). Over it all, at night, the smell of woodsmoke and meat, with an occasional nostril-twitching waft of something stronger. Being in a group, even a small one, creates a complex dynamic, where it would be nice to stay a little longer on the outskirts of one throng, but one doesn’t want to impose on the group or become separated from them. I must get down there on my own before I leave.

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