Resistance is fudgeable

If you're messing with the data, you're sunk

Editing the recent podcast on Antibiotics in agriculture was far harder than I expected it to be, mostly because I had to cut away stuff that is important, but just didn’t fit. Much of that was about how, in time honoured tradition, antibiotic manufacturers and veterinarians sowed doubts about who was to blame for what. Here’s a bit of that. Claas Kirchhelle’s paper uncovers a lot more.

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Audio subtitles in Reaper

There is almost certainly a more efficient way

Just back from the Hearsay International Audio Arts Festival, which was wonderful in all ways. One topic that seemed to come up a lot was subtitling audio. That may seem weird, but it has definitely become a thing. Maybe Radio Atlas is the driving force. They turn audio pieces into videos with words, so that as you listen to the sound you can also read in English what you are hearing in some other language. If you're a little rusty on your Italian dialects, for example, as I definitely am, you can nevertheless enjoy the lovely piece from Jonathan Zenti, which won a previous Hearsay award.

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Just a quick follow up on Reading, coding and commenting.

I used the twigfeeds plugin to bring in a feed of my links on to the sidebar here. Chris Aldrich pointed out that when I use as a way to read something again, it helpfully inserts because of Jeremy Cherfas at the end of the RSS entry. And if I can filter one piece of fluff out with a regex, I can do it for two. Here, then, is the code snippet for sidebar.html.twig with the final filter. Obviously, you would change it to suit your own needs.

<div class="sidebar-content">

{% for name, feed in twig_feeds if name == 'Reading' %}
    {% for item in feed.items %}
            <a href="{{ item.url }}">{{ item.title | regex_replace(['/Jeremy Cherfas is reading /', '/ because of Jeremy Cherfas/'],['','']) }}</a>
              <time>{{|nicetime(false) }}</time>

    {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}


Maybe someone will find this useful.

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Reading, coding and commenting

More little tweaks

Notes, as much for my own memory as for anyone following along, on a couple of recent tweaks


I read a lot, on and offline, and forget almost as much, so I have various places where I try to save bookmarks, notes and what have you. Then I noticed that someone whose footsteps I have been ...

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Nice to be noticed

Webmentions FTW

It makes me happy that another pilgrim on the road to IndieWeb has found some of my efforts helpful. Ron Chester has taken up blogging and microblogging and is now wondering whether he ought to get into webmentions. In that connection, he had some nice things to say about my write-ups on that subject, although in the end he decided that he doesn't want to take that particular giant baby step.

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