Implausible amounts of joy

And all because I managed something rather trivial

Tl;dr I did a silly little thing in WordPress that made me happy.

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Putting my house in order: Phase 2

Mapping the future.

This past weekend, what with it being Easter and all, I decided I would attempt to go all in on indiewebifying one of my WordPress properties. I downloaded all the plugins and all the additional plugins they told me to download and set all the settings and then retired whimpering with my tail between my legs to regroup.

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Here's something I didn't know I needed: Jared Sinclair's new app Stormcrow

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Feeling underpowered

Where to begin?

This is by way of a whinge, and the solution is at least straightforward. Learn how to do what you want to be able to do, dummy.

For a good long while, I've been feeling seriously underpowered when it comes to being able to do what I want to do online. I can't really date the start of it, I just know that I am no longer able to scratch my itches as once I was. That irks me. I know there are professionals and, even more valuably, amateurs who will scratch itches very similar to mine. But they're not my itches, and I'm not scratching them.

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Tom Lehrer, in the introduction to one of his songs, possibly National Brotherhood Week, complains that the only thing worse than people who say they can't communicate is that they won't shut up about it. The other side of that coin is that people who claim to be ace communicators make themselves hostages to fortune.

When I saw this little gem in my reader, I though, nah, it must be an error in the feed.

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