Should I be beating myself up because we're more than halfway to the end of November? I don't think so. October was a good month, but not standout good. Maybe if it had been I would have written it up more rapidly. The high spot was definitely IndieWeb Camp in Nürnberg, and I did write that up reasonably quickly. No need to repeat here.

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Backing away slowly

Well, that was almost a disaster. I'm not too sure where most of the responsibility lies. Could be me, for not really understanding what I'm playing at. Could be the gitsync plugin for Grav, for allowing me to do stuff that I don't really understand. Whatever, although I was initially quite pleased with myself, that sweet satisfaction turned to ashes in my mouth this morning when I returned to the site to fix an error that had arisen in the meantime. Nothing, and I mean nothing, worked as it should. Almost five hours later, and it would have been much, much more if not for git, I'm back where I started before I embarked on this hubristic adventure.

I had help, most notably from Deleting your master branch by Matthew Brett. It wasn't the whole story, but it was enough to get me back on track. And from the Grav community, of course. Now that I am back where I want to be, I will resist the urge to tinker with my workflow for posting for a little longer.

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It's a link thing

This is too good to be true. Yesterday I read Sebastiaan's write-up of how he graphically a link between two individuals who both liked the same thing on the internet, and how, by doing that, he could alert himself to things he might like.

Today I finally see, in my reader, an earlier post from Kicks Condor, in which he talks about surfacing other readers who have linked to things he has linked, and how that might help him to discover interesting things to read. That could even be the basis of a self-organising discovery engine.

Clearly, they ought to know about one another. Maybe this post of mine will trigger that.

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Grav proves it: There's always something else

Fix one thing, break another

Grav, the software that powers this website, has a nifty feature. It will automatically number things for you, which is handy to set the order of things on a page. It also allows you to change the order by just dragging the things around. But once you have more than 200 things, it gives up on that. Which is absolutely fine, don't get me wrong. But it isn't appropriate for a weblog.

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As someone who mostly dislikes other people who willy-nilly connect everything they put online to everywhere they put things online in a many-to-many idiopathic echo chamber, I ought to do a little less of that myself. Or at least be a little more mindful about what I am doing.

In some ways, this is just a continuation of the soul-searching that found an outlet in Putting my house in order: Phase 1. I achieved some of what I set out to do there, but not enough, and this latest bout of navel gazing was prompted by a silly exchange on

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