I began this monthly report on the first of the month, full of good intentions and excuses. That it took another five days is proof the excuses are real.

"Excuse" always seems to carry such a freight of negativity. They're not reasons for failing to accomplish what you set out to do. They just excuse you, and that's just beating yourself up. Myself. So, no more excuses. Reasons!


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IndieWebCamp Utrecht

Another absolutely brilliant IndieWebCamp, this time in Utrecht. By now I feel like a bit of an old hand, and it was nice to see old friends and make new ones. The first day, as usual, was devoted to group-organised sessions on different topics.

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Automating Listen posts

Not as hard as I expected

Getting my podcast listening history out of Overcast and into this site has been going swimmingly since I started a couple of months ago. I had to do everything manually, but that was OK as it gave me the chance to check that it was indeed all going swimmingly. While my friends have been sharing all their great ideas for the hack day at this weekend's IndieWebCamp in Düsseldorf, earlier this week I decided that the time was right to start automating my Listens posts. This was prompted by the podcast Automators #22: Text Expansion, co-hosted by one of those friends.

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No Applescript in Firefox

But why not?

I can't remember when I switched my everyday browser from Safari to Firefox. Quite a while ago now. But I'm seriously thinking of switching back to Safari for one reason only: automation.

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I suppose that if the previous month gets done more than halfway through, then the subsequent month is going to come on fast like an express train. So here we are.

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