My fan will have realized that posting here has been worse than sporadic lately. There are many reasons, but for the sake or argument lets assume that the fact that I am in the middle of moving house is the main one. It is, really, in that I have had no leisure time in which to write, no facilities in the new place, by which I mean no phone or internet access (or much of anything else). And often just dealing with the difficulties that arise has proved enough fun, without also having to share them with my fan.

But it is mostly done now. I emptied the last item from my car at about 1 am last Tuesday morning, and while the place is still barely habitable, it is habitable enough that I can take some time to scribble. I still have no phone or internet access, so who knows when this will actually see the light of day, but that's not the point, is it?

And there's so much material. The Gas Men. The Contract. The Trips to Ikea. Oh yes, this one will run and run.

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