Tim Harford is an economist, the FT's Undercover Economist, and I really enjoy what he does, wherever he does it. The FT, Books, his BBC radio show More or Less and also guest appearances on other podcasts. Aside from subscribing to More or Less, though, I don't actually stalk him to see what he's up to. So it was a pleasant surprise to find Tim's article The Problem With Facts drip out of the firehose I try to sip from. It's a fine article, about how Big Tobacco provided the canonical example of the field now known as agnotology. 1

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Speaking of recommendation engines (which I have been, all over the place, at length, and so feel no need to link to) it seems to me that the one at GoodReads.com could do with a little more fine tuning.

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Gorging on the social internet

Our appetites for some things know no bounds

Chris Aldrich went off on an interesting tangent yesterday, while thinking about food.

[T]here’s kind of an analogy between food and people who choose to eat at restaurants versus those who cook at home and websites/content on the internet.

The IndieWeb is made of people who are “cooking€..

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Slogging away

For some reason not entirely clear to me, I keep slogging away to bring a bunch of old blog posts into my latest engine. Some of the old ones are entering their third or fourth relationship with a CMS, and just aren't up for it, but I keep hammering away. Just a completionist obsession, I suppose.

Anyway, for the record, I've finished 2004.

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Setting my marginalia free

How I get my notes out of Kindle

Close readers of this site will have noticed a new item in the top menu: Books &c. That's where my book reviews and notes will live, and, in due time, maybe some other kinds of reviews. I promised I'd write up how I got to this point.

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