At the Post Office:

Me: Good morning. I’d like five 80 cent priority stamps please.

Man behind counter: I’ll see. (Wanders off)

Me: (Drums fingers. Looks at scraps of paper on counter. Glances at watch.)

MBC: (Wanders back.) We don’t have any.

Me: (Voice a tad squeaky, incredulous.) You don’t have any? Stamps, at the Post Office?

MBC: No.

Me: What should I do?

MBC: Bring the letters here and I will put a stamp on.

Me: But I don’t have time to come to the Post Office most days. I have to work. Today is a holiday for me. That’s why I can come to the Post Office.

MBC: Beh!

Me: Don’t you have any other stamps? Like, say, a 50 cent and a 30 cent?

MBC: (Thinks hard. Patient with moron.) I have stamps for 1 euro.

Me: Why should I pay 1 euro when the cost is 80 cents?

MBC: Beh!

Me: Thank you. (Turns on heel, exits.)

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