Book cover

Heroes of the Frontier
by Dave Eggers
Published: 2017
Read from: 29 Jul to 14 Aug
My rating: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

I enjoy Dave Eggers' writing a lot, and this was no exception. He has a deft way of filling in the back story that I admire, and his treatment of the two young children seems to me absolutely accurate, poignant and touching and funny. The adventures that these heroes get into are many and varied and give a definite impression of how life just carries one along, given half a chance. Highly enjoyable.

The ending may disappoint some people. It did me, truth be told, for about 15 minutes. And then, thinking more about it, I decided it made perfect sense.

My notes here are just sentences I found notably deft for one reason or another.

Chapter I
Highlight - Page 9 · Location 147
His ability to read had greatly complicated their family.
Highlight - Page 21 · Location 300
The weasels always won because love and goodness was an ice-cream cone and treachery was a tank.
Chapter III
Highlight - Page 64 · Location 849
The auditorium seated at least five hundred and all within was burgundy—like being inside someone’s liver.
Chapter VIII
Highlight - Page 148 · Location 1890
He had chosen a life where he had to serve any kind of human,
Chapter XI
Highlight - Page 196 · Location 2504
He had an impish, closed-mouth smile but his eyes were tight and bright and lit with a kind of mischief that could go either way—practical jokes around the house, or handmade bombs in the shed.
Chapter XV
Highlight - Page 257 · Location 3269
She took a long last look at the river, moving like a thousand silver knives.
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