Start: 95.4 Last week: ??.? This week: 92.6

Pleasantly surprised that I had not gained more during my holiday. There wasn’t that much eating out, which possibly helped, but I also found it easier to resist temptation, much of the time. Didn’t eat a single Peanut Butter Cup, which would have been unthinkable before SLD. I’m also glad to be back on good old rice oil. Flax seed oil really is not my favourite foodstuff, to say nothing of the weird stain it left on a white djellaba, which far from being washed out (2 washes and a bleach later) is more prominent and yellower than ever. So I was pleased that the little bottle ended the day before departure. I did, however, buy a bottle of omega 3 capsules, because I think the effects on sleep were worth persisting with. I took the first of those last night (with 3mg of melatonin) and I think I slept better than normal after an eastbound trip.

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