It has been hectic this past week, hence the lack of activity here. I took the time this weekend to upgrade to the new version of WordPress1 and for the first time ever felt let down. On another blog the entire process just stopped. I carried on and hand-rolled it, because I was in the middle of things. Then I came here and the same thing happened. That suggested it wasn’t all my fault. So I looked for a solution, and found one. The old plugin that used to handle automatic upgrades conflicted with the new automatic upgrade, which is now part of the core program. Deleted the plugin and everything went swimmingly, so no real complaints, except that I don’t recall a warning when I last upgraded. A very minor quibble, I know, but I have become so used to WordPress just doing everything I need, and doing it superbly well, that this teeny bump became a big roadblock. Silly.

  1. Yes, I know this is dull.  

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