Discovered a neat new game over at Eric Meyer’s. (No, not that awful Four Things meme that currently lukewarm.) He got it here, but I’ve no idea where or how it began, and that's perhaps as it should be. The idea is simply to Google "Unfortunately YourName".

Unfortunately, Jeremy only knows how to operate the tools, but not how to use them as part of his research process.
Which is why I gave up research.

Unfortunately, Jeremy and I did not have an opportunity to hear what was said in those conversations
We didn’t have a warrant.

Unfortunately, Jeremy does not have catalogues available for all of these at the present time, but he would be only too pleased to check any “Wants lists”.
And we send everything out in a plain brown wrapper.

Unfortunately Jeremy does not have Medical insurance and the cost of his surgeries and medical bills will total over $200,000.00.
Which will teach him the hard way not to need doctors.

Unfortunately Jeremy was taken from us far too soon, leaving behind his fiancée and their brand new baby girl Skylar.
Nobody who names his daughter Skylar can possibly have been taken too soon.

Unfortunately, Jeremy made a wrong turn, sending him two miles (3.2 kilometers) down another canyon and through several narrow crevices filled with water.
I hate it when that happens.

Our class spanned both fall and winter terms, but, unfortunately, Jeremy was away winter term doing what he loved. Unfortunately for us anyways.
And we never learned to write a sentence proper either.

Unfortunately, Jeremy’s hat flew off backwards during this shot and although several other takes were available, none had the same qualities of this take.
Nope, no snappy retort springs to mind.

Unfortunately, Jeremy’s day-job transferred him to Ohio and he was forced to leave the group in April 1999.

Unfortunately, Jeremy's home situation was not so ordinary.
I just had to keep reading ...

Jeremy's mom and his step-dad were alcoholics.
“I can remember time after time my step-dad beat my mom real bad, sometimes sending her to the hospital. I remember crying, weeping almost, and just screaming for him to stop hitting her. I was helpless, terrified, and confused,” Jeremy recalls.

And here's the kicker:

Funny, isn’t it? God sure has a way of using ordinary kids to do extraordinary things.

The whole grisly story: [Not just an ordinary teen]

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