A lot of the reading I do is of PDFs. I have no desire to print them out, nor do I want to always be sitting at my desk when I could be sprawled on the couch. In the past I have occasionally sent a PDF to my Kindle Paperwhite, but only under duress because the experience is generally horrible. I have also managed to send PDFs to a 1st generation iPad, and that was marginally better than the Kindle. Now, after upgrading to Big Sur, I no longer seem able to send anything to the iPad, and I am annoyed.

I have no great interest in a newer iPad, because I really only want to be able to read on it and make the occasional note. Mobile computing is already taken care of with an iPhone and an Air. I looked at various tablets, and they all boast of their immense computing power. I don't care about that; I want a very readable screen and a way of getting PDFs in and out.

Online searches have not so far proved very helpful. Can you offer a suggestion?

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