I wasn't planning to say anything about Homer Simpson and the Cerne Abbas giant (and if you've no idea what I'm talking about, there's plenty of background out there). Anyway, the Pagans were mightily offended. Ann Bryn-Evans, joint Wessex district manager for the Pagan Federation told one reporter that they would be doing some "rain magic" to wash it away. It was already wet enough in the UK. That was a week ago. Then came last weekend. Clearly, Pagan gods can do stuff boring old judeochristian ones cannot. But it took the true genius of Joseph Kynaston Reeves, who blogs at Squander Two, to take the next leap:

If you've just lost all your possessions and had to be winched to safety by the RAF, you might want to consider suing the Pagans for damages. It'd be great. The case should be easy enough to prove: they could mount an effective defense by claiming that their rain magic doesn't work, but what self-respecting religious nutter would do that?

Hat's off to you, sir.

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