After a full week, it has been fun reading past posts on the day in question and uploading those that needed it. Things I had totally forgotten bobbed to the surface, while others are just the normal day-to-day record of things that happen at around this time. I’m ignoring a few where I had only linked to something else with a little comment, especially where the link’s target had vanished. I don’t mind spending a little time spelunking in the Internet Archive or a site’s own archives for more substantive posts, and then if I cannot find what I’m looking for I strikethough the link.

In general, there doesn’t seem to be any good reason to draw overt attention to these old posts; people may find them in organic searches, or they may not. I started tinkering with a way to display On This Day posts. 1 And I have not yet resolved the question of how to deal with days on which I cannot do the needful. Pre-load? Post-fill? After only a week, I reckon I’ll think of something.

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