Maybe the reason humans act so dumb isn’t because of their intellectual frame of reference, or their clan structure, or because they lack historical awareness. Maybe people act dumb because a lot of them are dumb -- dumb as turnips. So stupid they have trouble each morning remembering that their shoes go on their feet. So mentally challenged they have to use crib notes to remember their ABCs. So monumentally dense they can’t even do the job of a cable news talk show host -- or at least not properly. Borderline vegetative, in other words.

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of fun, and not a few insights over at The Whiskey Bar. The quote above indicates that Billmon has strayed vaguely into my territory, but I don’t mind in the least, because he continues to amuse and provoke in equal measure.

And a comment on Open Brackets took me to a puerile map of Canadian place names, for which they would almost certainly apologise.

Well, well, well. So a genetically engineered rape seed may have miscegenated with a nearby charlock to create a superweed. Who’da thought it? Er ... me (and loads of others).

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