What's the name of that phenomenon where things with a perfectly good name have to have a new name or a modifier to distinguish them from more recent usurpers? Like once there were books and paperbacks, and now there are hardbacks and books. Or phones and mobile or cellphones turning into landlines and phones, and then perfectly good phones becoming dumb because all the other phones are now so smart.

Anyway, I was thinking of this all the way through a recent Food Programme on milk. Well, that's how it was billed in my pod catcher. Really, though, as the Food Programme noted, it was about raw -- that is unpasteurised -- milk.

Or what we used to call milk.

Probably a lost cause by now, but couldn't the people who want the freedom to drink themselves into an early grave by consuming the stuff have taken the high ground by calling the stuff the rest us drink cooked milk? Or would that lose them the halo that raw, untreated and all-natural confer?

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