I just don't get it. This email arrives:

Greetings from Craigant Store. I visited your website and i found out that you have nice products, so i decided to order from your store. I will like to make an enquires on some items in your store, and i will like to know the shipping cost ship via FEDEX (priority)2 to 3 days express to Lagos, Nigeria.I will like you to please get back to me with the shipping quotation of every of your product ship via FEDEX and send it to me via email. Immediately, i recieve the shipping quotation, i will get back to you with the list of the items i want to order.
And i will be making the payment by credit card or cashiers check.
I Look forward to your urgent response.
Best Regards,
Craig Anthony.

It has been sent to me (at a very old address) and nine select brethren. But what’s in it for Craig, or Anthony, or whoever? Is this just an attempt to see whether there is a live person at the other end of the line, one who not only has a store online but is also stupid enough to respond to this sort of thing? If so, why? What sort of scam is this anyway?

p.s. I don't have a store, online or anywhere else.

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