A herb new to me

Gnocchi garnished with carletti

We had a quick trip to Venice a few weeks ago, which included a good mix of the old and the new. A new restaurant was the Antica Osteria Ruga Rialto, a favourite haunt of a new friend. Having eaten cuttlefish twice already, I decided to try something new, green gnocchi with shrimps.

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Beverage skullduggery

Drinker beware

Not a fruit cup

Phil Howard, of Michigan State University, casually let slip in our conversation about concentration in the food industry that a brewery in Australia had been fined for faux craft beer. I had to investigate. Its quite an interesting story.

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There was a teeny squawk on Twitter today when Tim Lang shared a graph of how the global harvest of cereals is divided up.

This is the graph he showed:

Graph of cereal use totals

My old mucker Luigi was quick to po...

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Feeding another 825 million people is easy

At least in theory

A paper just published in Nature Geoscience has terrific news for anyone worried about the sustainability of agriculture.1 It should be possible to grow 10% more calories and 19% more protein while simultaneously using 14% less rainwater and 12% less irrigation water. And that, the authors say "would feed an additional 825 million people".

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Resistance is fudgeable

If you're messing with the data, you're sunk

Editing the recent podcast on Antibiotics in agriculture was far harder than I expected it to be, mostly because I had to cut away stuff that is important, but just didn’t fit. Much of that was about how, in time honoured tradition, antibiotic manufacturers and veterinarians sowed doubts about who was to blame for what. Here’s a bit of that. Claas Kirchhelle’s paper uncovers a lot more.

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