Without a doubt, the big news of the month was the arrival of my new computer, an M1 iMac. OK, so it took more than a week to get it going properly, largely because I was in too much of a hurry at the start, but I’m loving it now. At the end of the month I flew in a plane, again.

Highlights of the month:

  • We had a great weekend in Bologna; food, friends, photos.
  • The Python script to post podcasts works, with different logic about which to include.
  • Sent out another subscriber-only edition of Eat This Newsletter.
  • Very pleasant (and tasty) early Thanksgiving.
  • Got a ‘flu shot.
  • Lovely visit to friends in Brussels, followed by rewarding, satisfying work.


Doesn‘t seem like I have done anything much worth reporting in the way of activities. There was the usual round of cooking, baking and so on. Podcasts and newsletters got made and distributed. Bits of work got done on time and on (my) budget. I suppose I spent a lot of time wrangling the new computer, which ultimately went well, but it does leave me with a lot more work to do, especially on photos


  • Walking with sticks: 0
  • Reading: 12
  • Steps (avge): 9933
  • Podcasts: 32 (All of them logged!)
  • In bed/asleep 8:25/7:26
  • 7 Minutes: 9
  • Weight (avge): 86.9
  • Naps 6


  • Walking with sticks: 0
  • Reading: 13
  • Steps (avge): 9400
  • Podcasts: 43 (All of them logged!)
  • In bed/asleep 8:17/7:19
  • 7 Minutes: 13
  • Weight (avge): 86.9
  • Naps 1


Some clients really are not worth working for at any price. Of course, one never knows that the first time they offer you a job. I think I have got over the fear of never being asked again, so I ought to be able to say no, but when a job sounds interesting and challenging then I am more inclined to say yes. Maybe there ought to be some kind of secret online list where one can check a client's suitability, rather like (I believe) some sex workers have.

All made up for by the ones that offer interesting and challenging work and are a pleasure to work with.

Hey ho.

Hours logged per month

Percent of logged hours: 2021

Previous years are on an archive page.


Oddly, it seems much harder on the M1 to count the old posts brought in. I think, by a process of elimination, that there may have been 73, along with seven new ones. I've yet to do much about the idea of an index of longer posts of interest. It would be nice to design a couple of new page layouts here for specific projects. That might be something to do over the festivities.



Final remarks

Need to find another good project to continue progress with Python. Maybe doing something with Compass GIS data. Or with my timesheets?

Here's the table

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Month Total Daily Admin % ETP % Other %
11 145.0 4.83 30 16 54
10 170.75 5.50 31 16 53
09 157.5 5.25 31 25 44
08 67.8 2.19 29 08 63
07 80.1 2.58 39 17 44
06 110.0 3.67 38 26 36
05 159.1 5.13 29 22 49
04 166.1 5.75 39 16 45
03 173.3 5.59 38 19 43
02 155.7 5.59 32 25 43
2021-01 168.5 5.62 43 17 40

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