A very quiet month at home, although with a fair bit of paid work to do. Got it done, mostly, a little bit late. The great treat was to see the plants on the terrace do better than ever because we were here to give them a bit of attention, even though it is impossible to keep on top of the various sap-sucking insects.

Highlights of the month:

  • Coldest riverine dip ever in Rieti
  • New activity monitor, fiddly but fun
  • Preserved zucchini sott’olio and pickled cucumbers
  • A slightly warmer dip at the Mole di Narni
  • Car playing up again/still; been at the dealer’s for 10 days but at least I have a loaner
  • Some enjoyable day trips to visit friends


Steps down a bit, sleep down a bit, weight down.


The new activity monitor is definitely different from the old, so this could be considered a reset for sleep and activity.


  • Walking with sticks 6
  • Reading: 11 (One non-fiction and magazines)
  • Steps (avge): 8320
  • Podcasts: 43 (But only 30 logged; I do wonder why, and whether I should investigate)
  • 7 Minutes: 13 days and 39 cycles


  • Walking with sticks 0
  • Reading: 13
  • Steps (avge): 8349 (down a bit)
  • Podcasts: 27 (If I don’t walk, I don’t listen.)
  • 7 Minutes: 4 days and 6 cycles (Not on holiday, and not easy getting back into it.)


While procrastinating, I did a silly online quiz about my productivity style or needs or some such. It said I should Eat the Frog, i.e. just do one thing first thing in the morning, before even thinking about anything else.

The strange part is, this is what I have always done when I have been really under pressure, and it generally worked. I didn’t really think of that as a technique, though, and I certainly had no idea it had a name. Since getting such strong online validation, natch, I have tried to eat the frog habitually each day. In fact I’m doing that right now. And it works, for me.

In other news, I adopted a new format for the data about books I report on, and I like it. Just a few more to update.

Hours logged per month

  • 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018

Percent of logged hours: 2020

  • Admin
  • Eat This Podcast

Previous years are on an archive page.


Seven new posts, no old ones brought in.

Managed to automate PESOS to Known, thrice-daily with cron. Getting notices of cron failures, but only in the terminal.


Resume work on Micropub for Grav?

Suck data directly out of Exist with the API?

Final remarks

I’ve enjoyed doing Eat This Newsletter weekly for the past couple of months, although I am also looking forward to resuming podcast episodes.

Here's the table

Click the triangle to see or hide the table
Month Total Daily Admin % ETP % Other %
08 138.5 5.33 45 15 40
07 83.33 4.17 44 12 44
06 171 5.70 26 19 55
05 170 5.67 40 22 38
04 175 6.03 36 18 46
03 164 7.50 38 27 35
02 129.0 6.50 45 17 38
2020-01 89.25 5.25 48 19 43

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