Just spent a fine few hours going through two large boxes of photographs. Some have not seen the light of day for four house moves and at least 12 years.

"But what if I want/need one of them?"

"You don't even know what there is, how could you possibly want/need anything specific."

In best decluttering fashion, we looked at one photo at a time, very, very quickly. And after the first couple of packets, discarding them because very easy. There were stories to be told about some, agonising lapses of memories about others, and a generally hazy sense of time having passed.

A single, much smaller shoebox now contains the keepers, some of which I kept purely for their potential to disrupt, if scanned and uploaded to the right social media site. If you think you might be affected, let me know.

Soon I'll feel able to tackle the transparencies.

P.s. 27 December 2017: I think I may have scanned a couple of dozen transparencies, to date. Maybe next year ...

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