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One night earlier this week we had two power cuts in quick succession. Watching TV on the computer (what does one call that, when the show wasn't actually on television in the first place?) continued as normal, thanks to the UPS bought after a more consequential outage a couple of years ago. Next morning, though, the wifi extender seemed not to be functioning. I tried everything I could think of, but all the LEDs stayed stubbornly lit and the manual offered no advice for that state of affairs. Fried, I concluded.

At around 20€ a pop for a replacement, I didn't hesitate, hoping only that I would make it safely through the song and dance of connecting it to the cable modem and all that.

I was sorely disappointed, in a good way.

There is now a phone app that speaks directly to the extender. Do as it says, and all will be working perfectly in less than five minutes. This is true progress.

I am therefore more than happy to offer the TP-Link WA850 range extender five unsolicited stars out of five.

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