Yikes! A big part of me wants to just ignore March until the end of April. But the rest of me knows that if I do that, chances are the whole task will be too overwhelming and I will just give up. So, better later than never.

I have mostly managed to keep up with journaling, thanks to which I can note:

  • Continuing to use Anki, continuing uncertain as to the difference it is making. Have not added it as a habit to record in Exist. Maybe I should. I read somewhere that I should try and do it towards the end of the day, as sleep is probably important to consolidate long-term memory. That kind of lets me off the hook, and makes it a feature rather than a bug when I finally remember to do it late in the day.
  • Spring arrived, and I managed to get some solid work in on the terrace plants, almost all of which survived the winter unscathed.
  • The new email software became easier to use as I became more familiar with its foibles. That's good, but some friends have said they think it needs to be visually more attractive. Not sure I have the time.
  • Knuckled down and wrote a PHP program to automatically post the podcasts I have listen ed to. Been meaning to do that for a long time, and it was good to get stuck in. It is by no means flawless yet, but with a little bit of hand holding does a pretty good job populating my Stream.
  • On a similar note, I finally published a log of things I've watched, mostly on the small screen at home. Decided it cluttered the menu too much, so it isn't there, but it is public and easy to find
  • I made what turned out to be a false start on the book of Our Daily Bread, and on the plus side, interest is growing in having me teach bread-making courses.


Hard to operate with the previous calendar month in the Exist website, but steps continued to trend up and weight to trend down. Those are good. Time asleep trending down, which may be bad or may just be the lengthening daylight.


Logged 158 hours for the month and worked on 27 of the 31 days. Looking back from a distance, I can't be sure what took that much time.

Month Total Daily Admin % ETP % Other %
03 158 7.5 44 28 28
02 121 6.0 32 42 26
2019-01 95 5.4 39 13 48
10 100 4.2 41 34 25
09 131 6.5 45 23 32
08 185 8.0 14 85 1
07 68 5.25 25 63 12
06 96 5.75 34 9 57
05 151 6.0 36 20 44
04 159 7.5 29 29 40
2018-03 152 7.0 20 10 70


Still bad! Only 5 posts on this website, and one of those was the monthly for February. Still, that's better than in February. And there are all those listen ed posts, though I have no intention of counting them.


Need to knuckle down to the bread book. Again. And get back to posts containing geo-information. It also occurs to me that I could use that data I am collecting, for example in hours worked, to expand my knowledge of how to present graphical information here. Getting the column widths working well in the table above would be neat. The spam sparklines are fun and sort-of informative. Graphs of other things might be too. I also feel I should be doing more to automate or simplify some of the more repetitive things I do.

Final remarks

Life is still good.

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