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Key: (B) = book | (F) = film | (T) = television series | (P) = podcast series | (TH) = theater performance | (M) = musical performance | [R] = reread/rewatch/relisten | (Tk) = talk

This is a non-exhaustive list of things I’ve read, watched, seen or otherwise enjoyed.

Here are the lists for 2019, 2020 and 2021.

  • April
    • 29
      • Started watching Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix T Many familiar faces; he said she said with weird editing.
    • 26
      • Started watching Undercover s02 on Netflix T Everyone is losing their shit.
    • 18
      • Started watching Severance on Apple TV+ T Almost lost us with too much boredom mirroring the characters' boredom.
    • 17
      • Finished watching Spiral s02 on SBS T Fewer lose ends, which was nice. Taking a break.
    • 07
      • Finished watching Spiral s01 on SBS T Far less closure and tidying up than I would have expected.
  • March
    • 30
      • Started watching Spiral on SBS T Absorbing enough despite odd editing.
    • 22
      • Finished reading The Lincoln Highway on Kindle B The story envelopes you, although the ending is very open.
    • 13
      • Finished watching Inventing Anna on Netflix T Huge fun, but why was the character of Vivien invented?
    • 2
      • Started reading The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles on Kindle B Already entranced after only two chapters.
  • February
    • 28
      • Watched Belfast at the cinema! F Extremely good, mesmerising cinematography, fine soundtrack, astonishing performances by the kid.
    • 27
      • Started watching Inventing Anna On Netflix T Kinda obvious, and entertaining, but what's with all the NY skylines? We know.
    • 26
      • Finished watching Young Wallender s02 on Netflix T Excellent, even though I don't understand the timeline.
    • 18
      • Watched The Good Liar on Netflix F Really excellent thriller, even though it did require an awful lot of exposition at the end. Superb performances.
    • 08
      • Finished watching The Girl from Oslo on Netflix T Not bad at all, though I wonder about the remaining open ending; another series? Surely not.
    • 02
      • Started watching The Girl from Oslo on Netflix T These Israeli dramas are so good.
  • January
    • 29
      • Watched Inherent Vice on Apple TV F easily as weird as Magnolia, but that may be Pynchon rather than Paul Thomas Anderson.
    • 25
      • Started watching Munich etc on Netflix F Splendid romp. Deep? Not so much.
    • 23
      • Finished watching The ABC Murders On Apple TV T Of course the red herring didn't do it.
    • 22
      • Started watching Ozark s04 on Netflix T L'il Jonah done be all growed up.
    • 21
      • Finished watching Hap & Leonard s02 on Netflix T And they all lived happily ever after, except for all those who had to die.
    • 18
      • Started watching The ABC Murders on Apple TV T Poor old Poirot, spurned by those he served.
    • 15
      • Watched The Tragedy of Macbeth on Apple TV F Absolutely wonderful. Stylish, nuanced, terrifying.
    • 13
      • Watched Motherless Brooklyn on Apple TV F I'd been waiting for the film since I read the book, and while it wasn't super faithful, it did not disappoint.
    • 09
      • Finished watching Mare of Easttown on Apple TV T Whoo boy, that was good, and some strong women.
    • 05
      • Started watching Hap & Leonard s02 on Netflix T So many stereotypes, so much fun.
    • 03
      • Watched Being the Ricardos on Netflix F Very well handled as almost mock-doc, made me want to know more about Fred and Ethel.
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