What I've watched

  • March
    • 23
      • Rebellion S02 T Season Two fast forwards four years to the 1920s. Still very watchable.
    • 23
      • Godless S01e01 T Been meaning to watch this for a while, and luckily it cropped up on a list The Main Squeeze was taking notice of. Good cowboy stuff, all the usual tropes. Should be fun.
    • 22
      • Triple Frontier F Netflix original, special ops heist movie. Pretty good, with lots of atmospheric jungle and manly, soldierly hugs among the band of brothers. You know it will all go wrong, of course, and when it does there's a bit of a *The Treasure of the Sierra Madre* vibe to it. No dead beews though. And a nice open ending.
    • 20
      • The Vietnam War T Finished, finally. And the reason it took so long was simply that it is so hard to watch. Utterly gripping, and equally hard to make sense of. Were the protests and Nixon's Silent Majority the start of the current almost complete fission in America's polity?
    • 19
      • Rebellion S01 T Finished watching Season One. A bit black and white, but well made and engaging.
    • 5
      • Rebellion S01E01 T The Easter Uprising and consequences from Netflix. Rather good.
    • 3-4
      • The Vietnam War e08 T My Lai and Cambodia. Almost unwatchable, and cannot take my eyes off it.
    • 2
      • The Vietnam War e07 T So harrowing, and so important. This episode closed with Kent State, and if the cops now could see the cops then and vice versa ...
    • 1
      • Mrs Maisel S02 T One or two episodes where they definitely thought too much of themselves, but overall still strong and still funny.
  • February
    • 11
      • Luther s05 finished T So dark. London is the true star, but when were there ever that many serial killers?
    • 9
      • The Green Book F Very entertaining, very ordinary. And then Spotify played me some Don Shirley Trio.
    • 3
      • Luther s05e01 T

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