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Episode summary: We gather the morning after the Tory triumph the night before to discuss how they did it and what it means. From Swinson’s hubris to Corbyn’s comeuppance, from Scottish independence to constitutional challenges, from the start of Brexit to the end of the Brexit party, we try to cover it all in a bumper edition. With Helen Thompson, Chris Brooke, Chris Bickerton, Alison Young, Peter Sloman, Kenneth Armstrong, and some overnight reflections from other TP regulars. If you want to hear more, David and Helen are also on 538 discussing the election result. Talking Points: It was a good night for the Conservatives, a bad one for Labour, and cosmically bad for the Lib Dems. - The Lib Dems made a fatal mistake in backing Revoke and running a presidential style campaign. - They lured fewer Tory remainers than they had hoped. - Six months ago, the Conservatives were in existential crisis, and now they are like Thatcher in all her pomp. How grim are things for Labour? - They lost seats they’ve held for decades. But they…

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