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Friday 15 December: Is this how it ends, two weeks in a row without a weigh-in and a complete lack of regularity? No, indeed not. But all the signs are there, of much work, much travel, and the impending holiday season. I haven’t had early-morning access to my scales for more than two days in a row since late November, so no point in posting fictive figures. The few weighings I have managed indicate that all is mostly well.

In other news -- and why not combine other food news? -- a strange twist to the follow up on no-knead bread in the New York Times. (And as the original link has vanished behind a paywall, here's a fresh one that works.) Impressed by the suggestion that “a Silpat mat under the dough is a clever idea” I dropped more than $25 for one of the buggers. Completely bloody useless. If that’s non-sticky, I’m a Grecian urn. The dough stuck good and proper, so much so that I had real work to do to get it off the mat and into the hot casserole, with resultant disruption of my gluten network and much less of a spring in the loaf. Still delicious though. You have been warned.

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