A request for Drop Shadows on a bulletin board I read sent me to a new (to me) CSS site that contains a very neat solution (and lots of others). Having read the CSS, and admired the output, I bravely decided that I was not going to get caught up in putting drop shadows round my pictures. No sirree! I’m going to go for some real content. Real soon. But in the meantime, I got sucked into validating the HTML on these pages too. Lots of problems, some of which I don’t begin to understand. But I’ve tackled a few of the egregious errors I did understand, and maybe tomorrow I’ll do another round.

Of course, if I finally end up with valid HTML too, I would have to futz around with those cute little buttons. So, just to be on the safe side, I downloaded the zip file with all 1700 of them, or whatever. Some people (myself included?) have just too much time on their hands.

Meanwhile, where exactly does snot come from? I've blown about three headfulls into handkerchiefs over the past three days and there’s no end in sight.

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