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One of the things I am trying to be better at is processing the little scraps of information I squirrel away "for when I have time". A note I made on 28 July 2013 said simply "Microryza crowd funding". I had absolutely no recollection of what it might be.

Turns out it is a site for crowdfunding experimental science. And it is no longer Microryza, it is Experiment, a "Crowdfunding Platform for Scientific Research". It looks interesting, and I've signed up for the newsletter. In the meantime, the story of how they changed their name is kinda heart-warming, and boy can I relate to the argument at the core of that story.

The bad news is that for a while I sometimes stored little scraps of information in Apple's Notes app, which in some circumstances is more useful than plaintext. Unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me get notes from the iPhone (13.3) to show up under OSX (10.13.6). If anyone knows the correct spell, I'll be forever in your debt. Or just put me out of my misery and tell me it can't be done.

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