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At some point, and past the middle of the month seems way beyond that point, I need to admit to myself that May's monthly report is not going to get written. That isn't because nothing worthwhile happened. On the contrary, the month included a terrific visit to London, which straddled May and June and kicked off the dealy to which I am now calling a halt. It is also because I am preparing to be on the road again, after being mostly cooped up for the past 2½ years. And that creates problems of its own. Do I want to even try continuing to do the daily session of bringing in old blog posts? Can I edit audio on an iPad? That one I kind of know; I can, with Ferrite, but do I want to? Can I access AWS buckets from an iPad? What about posting new stuff here? And I really don't have long to find out. So, yeah. No monthly this month.

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