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Eat again for Amatrice

Oct 18, 2016

World this day, international that week, global the other month.

Normally I find out about these things too late to do anything about it. So I'm actually grateful to Eattiamo -- who'll send a box of Italian goodies to your doorstep, if you're in the USA -- for pointing out that 25 October happens to be both World Pasta Day and two months and a day since the earthquake that brought the town of Amatrice down. What better way to kill two birds with one stone 1 than to eat pasta all'Amatriciana that day and donate a little more to restoring the town?

While the initial response was huge, Eattiamo reminds us that memories fade fast, and so wants people to do it all over again.

Obviously Eattiamo would like you to order your meal from them but if you don't fancy that they've got plenty of other ideas of how to celebrate.

The big shindig this year is in Moscow. I'll be ignoring that for sure, but I will be eating for Amatrice.

  1. Or, as the Italians say, prendere due piccione con una fava, catch two pigeons with one bean. 

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