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Twitter passed me by at the start, and if I am honest I still don't really get it. Today, though, I was bringing in old posts as usual, and they included links to a couple that were, to put it delicately, skeptical about Twitter's chances. Tim Bray got one thing very right:

The basic problem is that Twitter is centralized; that’s not how the Internet works.

He was hoping for federated blogging, and pointed to Laconica, which seems to have been an instance of Both still exist, but as far as I can tell have not fulfilled their promise; ready to be corrected on that.

Among the comments was this gem from ickledot (who seems to have moved on from his 2009 self):

Question from a know nowt: Is to Twitter what betamax was to VHS? ie the former is better but less popular?

And all that took me, in a roundabout way, to this:

Men in suits mocking the idea of Twitter while a man in a space suit tells them that it is the future

I tried to find a credit, and failed. It may first have been posted to Facebook, which is funny in itself.

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